Hijab Style: Finding Your Colour

Hijab Style: Finding Your Colour

There's a world of options out there regarding the best hijab styles for this new season. As the leaves start to show on the trees and the snow starts to melt, you'll want to make sure you have a style that will bloom alongside the flowers! This blog is all about finding your very own colourful hijab style and how to make it look great.

Pictured: Nude Viscose Jersey Hijab

White hijabs: purity and elegance

Evoking purity, elegance and a timeless style, a white hijab can really make a statement. A neutral shade, white goes with anything, and can either provide a sharp contrast with a black abaya or match another light shade - the styling is up to you. An alternative to pure white is the cream shaded Nude Viscose Jersey Hijab, which looks great alongside any abaya!

Blue hijabs: calm and in control

Blue is a colour that opens a world of possibilities. From deep navy shades to lighter choices that touch on turquoise, there's a brilliant shade of blue for you. Pairing a pale blue hijab with pink lipstick makes a real statement, but for a deeper blue, navy is the colour of choice - a staple in every wardrobe as it pretty much goes with anything! Blue communicates a sense of calm and authority - so if you want to be in control at work or at home, choose a bespoke dark blue like our Navy Premium Chiffon Hijab.

Red hijabs: fierce and fiery

If you're on the lookout for a real swaggering springtime hijab style for this year, consider going for a shade of red. From paler terracotta shades to deep scarlets, choose a red that best reflects you. We think that a great style for this spring is our deeper, almost purple Berry Georgette Hijab.

Pictured: Green Viscose Hijab With Pearls

Green hijabs: fresh and natural

Our friends at muslimah lifestyle blog Amaliah have decided that green is the colour for the new season: it's "having a bit of a moment" in their words. There are plenty of green hijab styles that can really make you look terrific - one of our favourites at the moment is our Green Viscose Jersey Hijab - a lovely shade suitable for both everyday wear and elegant evenings. For a modest dash of opulence, opt for the same hijab with added pearls - the extra detailing goes a long way to making this a look to be reckoned with in spring 2018!

Black hijabs: a style classic

A black hijab is a modest wear classic, the backbone of many of our wardrobes. It's a timeless style, that will never go out of fashion, so stocking up on some fresh black hijab styles is always a good idea! Consider a change of fabric - chiffon is always a great option, and maybe go for a shade lighter such as a dark grey or a charcoal shade. Subtle shades go a long way to making a whole outfit work!

Inspired to embark on a new colour of hijab for your springtime look? Browse our full range today and find your favourite!

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