Hijab Styles: The Complete Guide for the Modern Muslimah

Hijab Styles: The Complete Guide for the Modern Muslimah

At AbayaButh, we believe that being a Hijabi shouldn't limit your fashion choices - instead, by wearing a hijab, you have an additional accessory to dress up or down and transform your simple outfit into a staple trend.

A hijab can be worn in many different ways and can be adapted for a plethora of occasions and outfit styles, making it incredibly important that you remain in-the-know when it comes to the various materials, colours and hijab styles available to you. That's why we've put together a complete hijab style guide with easy-to-follow steps to ensure you remain confident in your day-to-day styling.

Hijab is the Arabic word meaning 'barrier' and, in modern times, has become synonymous with a headscarf. As a religion practised in most parts of the world, it should come as little surprise that the hijab is styled in multiple different ways depending on a variety of factors. These factors include the weather, the occasion, the clothes worn in the specific region and the facial structure of the woman herself.

As such, there's no one way to wear this timeless and highly adaptable piece - allowing you to create different hijab styles and signature looks of your own. All you need is a collection of beautiful hijabs and a few essential methods of wearing them to get you started.

In this blog post, our modest fashion experts are sharing how to wear different hijab styles, making sure you not only know how to wear your hijab, but are also in the best position possible to create a personalised look of your own. So, let's dive right in...

Understanding the importance of headscarf materials and textures

When first browsing an online hijab shop, it can be easy to overlook the fabrics and type of material used and, instead, opt for a headscarf purely based on its interesting pattern or stand-out colour shade.

While, naturally, picking out hijab styles based on their design is important to expressing your individual sense of style, carefully considering their materials will help you create the most effective look - and their importance shouldn't be underestimated.

There are a number of different materials and textures available for you to try out depending on your preferred hijab style, but it's recommended that you get to know the fabrics first to determine which pieces can be worn for specific occasions. This will also help you decide which ones shouldn't be worn depending on the event, weather, or other external factors. Some examples of hijab fabrics and materials include the following:

  • Silk - This intrinsically luxurious fabric can be worn as a hijab and typically comes in two different headscarf cuts: rectangular and square. As such, this material is most commonly styled to wear during special occasions - allowing the hijab to be transformed from a simple staple piece to a fashion favourite. However, due to its smooth texture, it will need to be secured with a headband worn underneath
  • Modal - Arguably the most commonly used headscarf material, we're confident most Hijabis will have at least one pashmina scarf hanging in their wardrobe. This type of fabric can be effortlessly styled without fear of it ever sliding off - and what's more, its soft texture makes it an incredibly versatile piece that can be worn as an additional layered scarf during crisp autumnal outings
  • Jersey - The modern-day Instagram blogger's favourite material, a jersey hijab is the number one choice for women looking for a comfortable yet quintessentially stylish look. Made from 95% viscose and 5% elastic, this hijab is best styled tightly around the face - offering a sleek and on-trend look for lovers of hijab fashion
  • Chiffon - A must for every modest woman's wardrobe, a chiffon hijab forms the basis of any special occasion outfit. This incredibly light and smooth-textured fabric will need to be worn with an underscarf, preferably the same colour as the headscarf itself, and fixed in place with a pin
  • Georgette - Slightly thicker than chiffon and derived from the same family as silk, georgette hijabs offer a no-fuss styling option that will ensure your your headscarf stays in place throughout the day

Hijab styles to avoid

When it comes to successfully mastering hijab fashion, it's also essential to know the different hijab styles and designs to avoid, making sure you feel comfortable and confident in your headwear all day long.

There will always be those materials and shapes that suit you perfectly, while others can cling to you in entirely the wrong way. As such, there are some styles we recommend avoiding at all costs where possible.

Firstly, we suggest avoiding thin or skinny headscarves. These will only leave you feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious as the scarf falls from your head as the day goes on, exposing your hair and requiring you to regularly shuffle it back into place as a result. Secondly, we recommend not wearing short hijabs that don't quite fit your head properly - therefore limiting your ability to style them appropriately.

hijab styles classic

First on our list of essential hijab styles is the simple yet effective, tried and tested classic wrap. This instantly recognisable hijab style is a world-renowned favourite due to its effortless assembly and ability to be created with a wide variety of materials for all weather and occasions.

Not only is it effortlessly on-trend, but, due to its simple construction, the classic hijab can also be adapted to a broad range of outfit choices, regardless of the event - be it a brisk walk to the local supermarket or paired with a luxury abaya for a prom or graduation event.

  1. Simply place the material (preferably a rectangular headscarf) around your face, ensuring one side remains considerably longer than the other.
  2. Using the longer side, wrap it over the shorter end, tying it around your head. Depending on your personal taste, you can wrap the scarf tightly around your face for a more simple look or, conversely, keep the hijab loose to add some texture and volume to the finished look.
  3. Once you're happy with how the hijab looks around your face, simply grab two pins and secure them, one at the top and the other at the side of your head.

How to style the classic hijab wrap

A classic hijab wrap will suit most outfits, but, in order to ensure you're well prepared for any scenario, we advise filling your wardrobe with contemporary essential abayas that can be adapted to suit the events of the day ahead. From inner slip dresses to staple black open abayas, the classic hijab style can be worn with a pair of trainers and elegant trench coat for a timeless finish.

hijab styles professional

Next up on our list of fabulous hijab styles you need to know about is the sleek and elegant professional wrap. This sophisticated go-to is sure to rejuvenate any plain outfit, adding a welcome touch of class to an uncomplicated ensemble.

The professional hijab style is perfectly suited to any daily activity, but is particularly favoured in working environments - be it a corporate meeting or a supermarket shift where looking neat and tidy is of the utmost importance.

  1. With a square hijab, fold it into a triangular shape around your face - making sure that it forms a perfectly curved shape above your forehead. Once you're satisfied with how it frames your face, use a pin to secure under your neck and ensure both loose ends are evenly placed at both sides of your head.
  2. Next, cross each end over the other, firmly wrapping them around your neck and using another pin to secure at the back.
  3. With this now finished, make sure you tuck all of your hijab's fabric beneath your work shirt, midi dress or elegant kimono.

How to style the professional hijab wrap

A professional hijab style epitomises elegance and, as such, requires little detail to be added to the rest of your outfit. Similar to a slick back ponytail, this option is best styled with suits and shirts, or other garments that have definitive lines and a structure that exudes professionalism.

hijab styles trendsetter

To evoke a real sense of luxury with your hijab fashion choices, the voluminous trendsetter hijab style is the ideal option. This layered look is perfect for autumnal days, adding a welcome sense of texture and natural flair to your outfit - minimising the need for additional accessories, all while maintaining an inherently modest look.

The trendsetter hijab style does what it says on the tin, allowing you to look and feel on-trend no matter what the catwalks are saying. This timeless means of hijab styling will add a healthy dose of volume to your overall outfit and can be worn both day and night.

  1. To begin, wrap the headscarf (either rectangular or square) around your face and, as with the classic hijab style, ensure you leave one side significantly longer than the other.
  2. With the longer side, wrap this around your head, pulling at the fabric on the top of your head to add a little more volume. Once you're happy with the volume you've created, wrap it back over to the front of your shoulder.
  3. Now, using the same piece of material, take it around your face once more - pinning to the top of your head and fixing the headscarf in front to create a loose, draping effect.
  4. With the shorter, untouched side, tuck this behind the longer loose piece of fabric, pinning it in place should you wish.

How to style the trendsetter hijab

As a beautiful option for those of you looking for something with a bit of extra coverage, this hijab fashion favourite encompasses the 'more the merrier' motto, allowing you to build up accessories to ensure your hijab is highlighted as the star of the show.

Feel free to place a brooch on one side of the hijab, not hesitating to couple it with a gorgeous luxury abaya with crystal embellishment on the hem or at the end of the flute sleeves. Worn with a set of strappy heels and simple clutch bag to ensure no attention is detracted away from the hijab detail, this style exudes fashion.

hijab styles sleek

An Instagram influencer favourite, the classic sleek hijab style creates an opulent 'I just threw this on' look and is a powerful outfit choice when paired with the latest on-trend fashion items.

Requiring only one pin to stay in place, this effortless creation radiates glamour without being over the top - allowing your outfit to remain the real focal point.

  1. The easiest look to create, simply frame the hijab around your face (keeping both sides even) and pin under your chin.
  2. Using one side, toss it over your shoulder, pulling it tightly to let it drape down your back.

How to style the sleek hijab

A sleek hijab is perfectly suited to the trends straight from the runway. This could be adopting the smart-casual look and pairing a bold red suit with an ice white chunky trainer, a black turtleneck tee and a bold black sleek hijab, or coupling an elegant kimono with knee-high boots, a bold red lip and sharp white headscarf. Whatever the occasion, this sleek hijab style boasts endless options.

Combining glamour with effortlessness, this easy-to-create type of hijab styling will elevate your ultra-cool, bohemian look to a new level.

hijab styles turban

Last, but by no means least, is the turban wrap. Ideal for women blessed with a strong jawline, this hijab style can be adapted to your own personal tastes.

Whether you choose it for the practicality of not having anything around your face during a long day at work, or the hot weather outside, the turban wrap is a hijab fashion style everyone should try at least once!

  1. First, fold the length of your rectangular hijab in half and put it over your head.
  2. Then, cross both pieces of fabric towards the back of your head until they reach the nape of your neck.
  3. Using one end, wrap it to the front of your head and then back around to the back - tucking the end into fabric under your hair bun.
  4. Repeat this process with the other end, ensuring you keep the criss-cross structure at the top of your head for full effect.

How to style the turban hijab

A bold look in itself, the turban hijab requires little need for extra styling. However, to add a touch of opulence to this already on-trend look, you can complete your outfit with a pair of statement earrings, keeping your clothing choices as simple or extravagant as you like.

Using an embellished velvet cape, a turban-style hijab will tie together your entire look - allowing you to finish off your outfit with either a pair of chunky black boots or a simple perspex sandal.

Modest hijab styles don't have to be boring. With so many options available out there, the possibilities are endless and there's no limit to your hijab fashion potential once you've mastered the first few styles. So, what are you waiting for? Explore our full range of on-trend hijabs here and get started on creating your own unique style statement today.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx