How to: Wear White Abayas

How to: Wear White Abayas

White is a colour we all love to wear, but can be difficult to style. With summer now officially in full swing, there's no better time than the present to learn how to wear this season's hottest colour trend than right now.

In today's post, we're detailing the many different ways you can incorporate white into your wardrobe without the worry of lipstick or coffee stains ruining your outfit. From matching your comfortable trainers with your white, open abaya to creating a cool - in both senses of the word - look around your staple white inner slip dress, while white can be a tricky colour to accessorise, once you've mastered a few of the key fashion hacks below, you'll be sure to wow in white.

Don't be afraid to stun

No one would dare to question an all-black outfit - or rather, dare to challenge Victoria Beckham on her staple look, that is - while, comparatively, you'd be forgiven for the prospect of an all-white outfit seeming too bold or mess-prone to be worn casually through the day. But why?

Draping yourself head to toe in white is a bold but classy statement that has the instant ability to transform your look to sleek and stylish in no time. To complete this look, stick to quaint, silver jewellery and an outfit as simple to match. Break-up your bright white abaya by incorporating different shades of white within your accessories - adding soft cream hijabs and pale blush shoes to your outfit to add that wow factor.

Use it as your foundation

It's unlikely that you'd add blusher and bronzer to an un-moisturised, un-primed and un-foundationed face, so why would you create an outfit without a staple base? Cue the white inner slip dress.

Using a white base as your outfit's foundation allows you to build and create your own style to be as simple or as complicated as you like. Combine your white slip dress with a pale nude or vibrant orange open abaya for a picture-perfect summer look. For more subdued and darker winter days, couple your white slip with darker monochrome tones that are sure to direct attention towards your more prominent features such as your outer open abaya, hijab and handbag.

Know how to accessorise

The beauty of summer is in the eye of beholder… of white footwear. With sporty-chic being a massive trend towards the latter half of 2017 and taking the prime hotspot when it came to spring's global catwalks, incorporating a strong white trainer or shoe is the ultimate way to welcome in AW18 this year.

Incorporating our previous love of an all-white-outfit, a chunky trainer style shoe has the ability to transform your occasion-wear white abaya to an eye-catching and effortless daytime look. Because of its plain base, a white abaya gives you the opportunity to accessorise however boldly or simplistically you like. However, you'll probably want to work in your accessories, too.

If you're looking to show off your new blue shoes for example, keep your bag and hijab plain. Alternatively, for those looking to wow in a bold green hijab, you might want to keep your other accessories subtle and as similar to your modern abaya as possible.

Bridge the gap between day and night

We've all been there - lunchtime snacks with your family at 2pm followed by a long evening meal socialising with friends at 7pm with no time in between for an outfit change. The solution to this age-old problem? Wear white.

A perfect transitional colour, a white abaya and its sister kimono will keep you cool throughout the warm summer days and stuffy summer nights. Swap your trusty plimsolls for elegant heels and walk into the night without an outfit change but with a new-found confidence in your style.

Whether you're thinking of adding a touch of brightness into your summer style or looking to incorporate a daily dose of white into your winter wardrobe, we hope the above tips have provided a solid starting ground for turning your fashion dreams into an achievable reality. Check out our range of multicoloured and white abayas online and achieve a catwalk-ready look, today!

Until next time, 

AbayaButh xx