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woman wearing dark grey hijab

Hijab Hairstyles: How to Wear Your Hair Underneath

If you've ever worn a hijab, you can probably relate to the flat, lifeless hair you see after you've removed your veil. No matter how bouncy, curly...
woman wearing dark grey kimono

Kimono Style: What Works for You?

We've all had that moment with our wardrobe. You know the one. You're staring bewildered at the rows of clothes hung neatly in front of you and you...
woman wearing pale purple hijab

Hijab Style: Adding the Finishing Touches

The hijab is a staple in many a Muslimah's wardrobe, which means the majority of us wear one regularly, if not every day - but not all hijabs are c...
white farasha modest wedding dress

5 Beautifully Modest Wedding Dresses

If you're engaged to be married, you're likely battling between feelings of uncontrollable excitement, bouts of planning-induced stress and a build...
white slip dress with black open abaya

3 Modest Outfit Ideas for the Working Woman

As a twenty-first century working woman, finding an outfit that offers the perfect balance between business professionalism and catwalk-ready suave...
dark grey kimono with long, flared sleeves

Embrace Autumn with the AbayaButh September Collection

It's time to step into autumn with a spring in your step. With a new seasonal change comes a wider and refreshing array of outfit choices - and thi...
people shopping online on a laptop

4 Reasons for Women to Shop Online

Saying the internet has revolutionised the way we shop is an understatement. With an estimated 1.66 billion people worldwide purchasing products on...
white modest dress

How to: Wear White Abayas

White is a colour we all love to wear, but can be difficult to style. With summer now officially in full swing, there's no better time than the pre...
yellow hand-held fan against red bckground

How to Stay Cool with Dignity During the Warmer Summer Months

The recent heatwave in the UK has taken the country by surprise, with hosepipe bans being enforced in the south and the weather up north reaching t...
smartphone with Instagram login page

6 of Our Favourite Modest Fashion Bloggers and Instagrammers (2018)

At AbayaButh, we're constantly drawing inspiration from the world around us. Online, themodest fashion community is one of support, happiness and f...
nude modest dress

A Look Back at Eid 2018: Outfit Inspiration for Summer

With the sacred month of Ramadan falling behind us, those of faith across the globe have recently celebrated Eid al-Fitr. A time for celebration, r...
Ramadan, tiles mosque exterior

Today’s Ramadan Traditions

Islam's holiest month is now upon us, with the appearance of the crescent moon in the sky. Ramadan is a month of fasting and reflection, in which M...