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Wedding Trends 2019: Guide for Brides to Be

We are pleased to welcome a guest post on our blog from Nat over at Help! I'm Getting Married. Nat has been married for over five years and is still happily running her wedding blog. In today's post, she's giving us plenty of tips and advice on the best wedding trends we're likely to see in 2019.

Something I cherish about the winter season is the romantic side that it brings out in people. In amongst festive celebrations from Bonfire night onwards, cheerful declarations spring up all over - particularly on New Year's Eve! It's so sentimental and gives everybody something to look forward to when the real chill sets in. As 2018 comes to a close, we're already getting sneak peeks into next year's wedding trends and I'm so excited to be able to share my three favourites with the gorgeous AbayaButh community.

Bold colours

Not only does a brightly coloured wedding dress look incredible on a hanger and in real life, but it looks beautiful in your photos, too. An emerald green or burnt orange gown might not be up everyone's street though, and if you want to bring this look into your wedding in a more way, you can still do so very effectively. I love AbayaButh's stunning range of abayas for different occasions. Their enchanted blossom gowns, in particular, provide the perfect combination of gentle neutrals paired with bright pops of coloured embroidery that will work so well for this trend.

DIY food stations 

Experience-based wedding activities have been the rage for a while now, with interactive dining stations continuing to gain popularity as they allow visitors to relax and chat less formally than if at typical, customary sit-down meals. The best news? If you want to, you can have both!

Planning experience-based wedding activities can get a little overwhelming and this is where luxury party caterers come in. Using their expertise, they have the ability to put together a five-star formal dinner for your visitors while including nibbles from a DIY food station into your reception during the evening. Why stop there? Not only do their talents lie in planning savoury treats, but they could also create a dessert room - set to be one of the hottest trends next year!

Flower walls

It wouldn't be a wedding without a bouquet (or two) and 2019's brides will be taking this to the next level with floor to ceiling arrangements. These are a beautiful and creative way to make your celebration feel as though you are in an indoor garden. I adore these because there are so many ways to style them and a myriad of gorgeous colours to choose from. Whether you're planning a pretty pastel theme wedding, or intend to use darker tones in your decoration, you'll be able to find the flower wall to fit your style.

Thank you so much AbayaButh fans for allowing me to write for your beautiful blog. I hope you enjoyed reading about these trends and I'd be delighted if you have some to share, too! Let me know your favourite in the comments and don't forget to check out AbayaButh's own guest post on how to organise a successful modest wedding on my own wedding blog.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx

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