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woman wearing pale purple hijab

Hijab Style: Adding the Finishing Touches

The hijab is a staple in many a Muslimah's wardrobe, which means the majority of us wear one regularly, if not every day - but not all hijabs are created equal when it comes to style. Whether you prefer to stick with traditional looks or you're keen to be contemporary when it comes to your wardrobe, today, we're taking you through a selection of styling tips to help you elevate your everyday outfits with this essential piece of clothing.

Use accessories

Who said that pared-back has to be boring? With something as simple as an embellished or colourful pin, you can add a touch of your personality to your ensemble without being overbearing. Alternatively, try rounding off a look with a pair of metallic sunglasses during summer or a thick wooly scarf in winter for an effortlessly timeless appearance, no matter the weather outside. Some of our hijabs even come with subtle embellishments to add that little extra something to your attire, such as our collection of hijabs with pearls.

Create with colour

Colour can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy when it comes to creating a uniform look. Fortunately, with our range of different hijab styles, it's easy to find a design to match the rest of your outfit - whether that's a casual pair of jeans with kitten heels or a special evening dress for a momentous occasion.

To embrace the understated elegance of an uncomplicated hijab, our Georgette or Premium Chiffon ranges are ideal. Within them, you can find a spectrum of colours - from dusty pink, mocha and maroon to terracotta, black and grey - helping you build a fashion-forward wardrobe fit for the adaptable 21st-century woman.

Adapt to different lengths

The latest hijab designs don't have to be worn a particular length. Depending on your mood, the occasion or the rest of your outfit, it's easy to wear your hijab in different ways - whether that's with or without a pin, across your chest or tucked up to highlight your jewellery, or even tied together with rings to add an aspect of your personality to the look. We loved reading this article for inspiration on the many different ways you can transform your hijab.

Try something new

If hijabs are a core part of your clothing collection but you fancy something new, why not expand your horizons and try one of our velvet turbans? This chic head covering will keep your outfit on point and suitably modest - so try one out and you might just discover your next favourite everyday staple. And, much like our collection of hijabs, our range of turbans is as diverse as it is stylish, coming in a range of different colours - from bold burnt orange to pretty rose.

Wearing a hijab doesn't have to be repetitive. Whether you're switching up your colour palette or simply styling in a different way, there are dozens of different combinations when it comes to hijab fashion - so get creative and let your confidence shine.

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Until next time,

AbayaButh xx

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