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6 of Our Favourite Modest Fashion Bloggers and Instagrammers (2018)

At AbayaButh, we're constantly drawing inspiration from the world around us. Online, themodest fashion community is one of support, happiness and faith; crossing borders, timezones and continents to bring us all closer together - and it's one we love being a part of.

In today's post, we're rounding up our favourite Muslimahs putting their mark on the world of modest fashion. From makeup artists to ambitious mothers, these strong women are more than worthy of your follows.


Sabrine is, without a doubt, absolutely stunning. Posting pics from her travels around the globe, this dignified beauty is an inspiration to young Muslim women. Whether she's strutting her stuff in the latest modest fashion or posting professionally shot photos from her overseas adventures, Sabrine's Instagram is a must-follow if you're interested in contemporary modest fashion - but, be warned, you're bound to drum up some serious travel envy!

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Makeup is one of Sabina's passions, which is clear to see from the get-go. We're in love with her flawless complexion and skillful application, which expertly blends modest and glam fashion. Her makeup styles range from glittery eyeshadows to dramatic smoky eyes - and always with a professional contour to enhance her already-beautiful features. If you're in need of makeup inspiration, Sabina's account is a must-follow.

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Little Covered Book

Modest wear comes alive with Little Covered Book's stylish feed. She recently rocked one of our open abayas, styling it with a pink hijab and cream stilettos to extraordinary effect. We're a big fan of the way her feed is structured, giving us three images of each outfit - which means you get three fresh fashion perspectives to inspire you!

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Saris is a mother, a wife, a doctor and a modest fashion guru - and her Instagram account is a curated yet eclectic mix of all of these aspects. Whether she's working a flattering open abaya or posting adorable pics of her family life, the unashamedly ambitious Saris is a breath of fresh air and a role model for young followers with hopes of starting their own families.

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A stream of pastel-tinged pics characterise Zara's feed - from rosy red sweet treats through to plush pink furnishings and soft-hued modest outfits. Each image is a delight to view and her captions never cease to make us smile, so be sure to follow her feed if you're in need of a mood boost.

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Annie's feed is a carefully curated portfolio of fashion shots, special moments with her husband and images from her cross-continent travels. We love Annie's fashion sense, which varies from brightly-coloured dresses through to high-waisted jeans and comfy tops - which is why Annie's account is one of our favourites to follow.

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Until next time,

AbayaButh xx

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