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Hijab Pins

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Whether you’re heading to prayer, meeting the girls for lunch or tackling a busy day at work, the last thing you need is the added worry and discomfort of a loose or slipping hijab. This is where our hijab pins come in.

At AbayaButh, we stock modest fashion essentials galore, including hijab accessories such as practical hijab pins. Available in a variety of different colours, you’re sure to find just the right hijab safety pins to match your own signature hijab style.

The practical perks of hijab pins

Hijabs come in a whole host of colours, sizes and fabrics, meaning you can find an option that’s made for you in our extensive range.

Regardless of your personal style, though, your hijab will need to be secured in place to make sure it doesn’t slip or move throughout the day. This is where our no-snag hijab pins come in.

Traditional hijab safety pins can damage fabrics, causing materials to pull and pucker - but with our no-snag options, this won’t be an issue. Providing secure fastening with a lightweight, chic design that minimises pull on the fabric (even with delicate silk and georgette), these no-snag hijab pins are as practical as they are stylish.

Pick your favourite pin colour

At AbayaButh, we stock all of the modest fashion essentials you need to curate your own unique look. You’ll find a selection of colour options in our hijab pin packs, designed to complement hijab designs galore.

We stock the following timeless colour options:

Black and white
Neutral (including a selection of nude and cream shades)

Buy your hijab pins with AbayaButh

When you buy hijab pins online at AbayaButh, you can say goodbye to slipping headscarves and hello to day-long comfort at a price you can afford. Plus, if you spend over £100 with us, we’ll deliver your order for free within the UK - and we even ship worldwide.

Find the perfect hijab pins for you online now. If you have any questions about any of our products, simply head to our Contact Us page to find the best way to reach us.