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A Celebration of International Women’s Day

Greetings, ladies, and welcome to a very special blog post celebrating International Women's Day 2018, a time to celebrate all things female across the world and think about what inspires us all to create trendsetting and glamorous modest wear for Muslim women. First up, a modest fashion event winning plaudits from across the UK's media outlets...

London Modest Fashion Week

Starting in 2017, this trailblazing event has shown off the huge array of modest fashion talent out there - all in the opulent surroundings of the Saachi Gallery in central London. Muslim vlogger Dina Torkia epitomised the pioneering nature of the Modest Fashion Week and the explosion in modest fashion choices over the last few years by telling the Independent: "Seven years ago when I would shop on the high street, it would be such a mission to find an outfit easily that was suitable for me. It would take me hours." This has now changed, and Torkia has over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube - a fantastic, groundbreaking achievement!

Women in the media

Another inspiration of ours is the recent surge in online media that focuses on modern Muslim women's experiences. Dina Torkia's YouTube channel - Dina Tokio - is a good start, but we also love sites such as Amaliah, a UK Muslim women's blog, with everything from makeup advice and abaya style tips to important articles on a range of pressing issues.

Their mission statement is to surface the many different voices of Muslim women and their story has been covered by a wide range of mainstream media outlets, as a great example of inspiring, pioneering women!

It's not just articles and blog posts, we're big fans of the mooslemargh Instagram account. Run by a Muslim woman from the UK called Nasima, this offers quirky, funny and important cartoons depicting modern Muslim life.

Muslim Women's Day

Another inspiring, groundbreaking event organised by some formidable muslimahs is Muslim Women's Day, which was first celebrated on March 27th, 2017 across the Atlantic in the USA. The day was all about combining International Women's Day and Islam, amplifying the voices of Muslim women across social media, sharing their experiences and participating in a global conversation.

With all of this in mind…

1400 years ago, Islam changed the face of many cultures and religions, giving women an array of rights which include the right to education and work, the opportunity to earn money without guardianship and the chance to choose their own husbands and much more - and this is a cause for celebration.

We hope that these ultra-inspiring women doing great things have inspired you while reading this blog post, so our advice is to promote their voices and be inspired and empowered by the great fashion choices available to us women.

We like to think that our outfits inspire our customers to be confident, stepping out in a range of dazzling styles. Why not have a browse of our wide range of products, from hijabs to abayas and beyond?

Until next time…

AbayaButh xx

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