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Embellished Modest Fashion: Our Guide to Gilded Glamour

Whatever your modest style, at AbayaButh, we feel there’s always room in every Muslimah’s wardrobe for a selection of luxury items able to elevate any outfit.

That’s why we’re putting embellished modest fashion must-haves under the spotlight in today’s post.

From lacy embellished abayas to sequinned capes, let’s take a look at all of your options, plus tips on how to style them.

Embellished abayas

From religious celebrations to social gatherings, having a few embellished abayas and capes in your wardrobe can be the perfect way to make sure you always have something special to wear.

At AbayaButh, we stock a diverse range of embellished abayas, jackets and capes with all kinds of detailing to suit all tastes and occasions. Whether you want something that shimmers and sparkles or a more subtle, pared-back look, we have you covered.

With fabric options galore in our luxury abaya collection, you can choose from velvet, chiffon, cotton and nidha closed abayas, including embellishments such as: 

  • Embroidery: featuring delicate hand-sewn detailing, you’ll find options galore available when it comes to our embroidered abayas. From dainty multi-coloured floral motifs to elegant metallic patterns on cuffs and hems, we have something to suit everyone
  • Sparkles: when you need an outfit that truly stands out, only a sparkly embellished abaya will do. Beautifully reflecting light, hand-stitched sequins and gemstones in a spectrum of colours will give you that effortlessly glamorous look
  • Beading: stitched on carefully by hand, beading details can elevate a closed abaya, bringing added texture, a little sparkle and new dimensions to single-coloured fabrics

Embellished abaya jackets

Next up on the luxury modest fashion runway are our embellished abaya jackets, which also come in a variety of sumptuous fabrics such as velvet, chiffon and cotton.

Effortlessly versatile and elegant, an embellished abaya jacket brings luxury and flexibility to any outfit.

For a classic look, slip it on over a plain abaya or inner slip dress as a sophisticated finishing layer. Alternatively, go for a contemporary look by pairing it with a top and trousers combination.

However you choose to wear your abaya jacket, you’ll find options galore when it comes to embellishments, helping you find just the right design to suit your style. 

  • Lace: timeless and elegant, lace embellished abaya jackets instantly add a touch of class to your wardrobe. From hand-cut detailing on open farasha butterfly sleeves to sewn-on lace cuffs, you’ll find lace design options for all occasions
  • Sheer: sheer fabric sleeves and detailing add layers and depth to your outfits, taking them from an everyday open abaya jacket to an embellished signature look
  • Gemstones: from diamantes to colourful gems, hand-stitched stone detailing on a sparkly embellished abaya jacket will give ordinary outfits a touch of glamour whatever they’re paired with
  • Beads: from tiny metallic coloured beading on cuffs and hems to intricate patterns, many of our embellished abaya jackets feature delicate beading that’s been sewn on by hand for added care
  • Appliques: for understated luxury, any one of our abaya jackets will be perfect - featuring expert applique needlework with pretty flowers, stars and other patterns

Embellished capes

Last, let’s take a closer look at our floaty modest embellished capes, which are the ideal option if you’re looking for a statement-making piece.

Featuring slits for arms rather than traditional sleeves, embellished capes are worn loosely over other garments such as inner slip dresses and trousers.

Available in various fabrics, including velvet, nidha and chiffon, their long, flowing profile and stunning detailing gives them a graceful charm.

Some of the most popular cape embellishments include:

  • Jewels: typically found along cuffs, shoulders and hemlines, shimmering stones in an array of colours beautifully enhance the glamour of these capes
  • Beads: similar to gemstones, many of our embellished capes come with pretty beading that’s been hand-stitched to create striking patterns and designs
  • Tassels: from shiny fringe detailing to belt tassels, a touch of loose, hanging threads brings more depth and detailing to luxury cape designs
When it comes to embellished modest fashion favourites, we have everything you need right here.

Explore our full collection of luxury embellished abayas, abaya jackets, capes and more online now to find just the right piece for your wardrobe. And don’t forget to keep checking back on our modest fashion blog for more styling tips and advice.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx
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