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Modest Fashion For the Warmer Weather: How to Welcome Summer In Style

Modest Fashion For the Warmer Weather: How to Welcome Summer In Style

With spring well and truly underway, the prospect of some seriously warm weather is getting tantalisingly close. But as temperatures rise, keeping cool and comfortable comes a very close second to staying effortlessly on-trend.

Today, we’re giving the modern Muslimah inspiration galore when it comes to modest summer clothing that will keep you cool, comfortably covered and stylish all summer long.

Heat-friendly hijabs

To keep a cool head and enjoy day-long comfort while wearing your hijab during the summer months, you need to choose the right fabrics and hijab styling (such as a turban or draped look).

For fabrics, you need to keep things lightweight. So, for summer hijabs, opt for breathable materials like rayon viscose, georgette, cotton and luxurious chiffon and silk. These fabrics will guarantee your hijab feels comfortable to wear rather than stifling in the heat.

For colours, keep things pale with timeless whites, creams and nude hues which will reflect the sun’s rays. Lighter shades can be more transparent, though, especially in thinner fabrics, so test out their opacity beforehand and wear a hijab cap underneath if needed.

Modest summer dresses

When it comes to modest outfits for summer, every Muslimah needs a selection of modest dresses in her wardrobe.

For comfy daytime wear, opt for light layering with a short-sleeved inner slip dress finished with an open or closed abaya. The loose-fitting silhouette of this modest summer clothing will give your outfit plenty of breathability, keeping you cool even on the hottest days. You can even add a tassel belt to give your outfit more structure without it feeling restrictive.

For versatile day and evening outfits, embrace the beauty and modesty of fashionable maxi dresses. Perfect for adding some summer glamour, these floor-length, long-sleeved modest dresses come in a variety of fabric options in playful prints and solid colours.

For the ultimate in modest summer fashion, no wardrobe is complete without a stylish jilbab or two. Providing full-length modesty in either a one length piece or a 2-piece set with separate khimar and skirt, jilbabs come in lightweight nidha which is designed to deliver day-long comfort for prayer and everyday wear.

When choosing modest summer dresses, always be mindful of the fit and fabric. A loose fit in floaty fabrics like cotton, rayon and nidha will keep you covered yet comfortable.

Cooling kimonos

Depending on where you are in the world, not every summer day or evening is blisteringly hot - so you’ll want to include a few thin layers in case it gets a little chilly.

This is where a maxi kimono can make a beautiful addition to your modest ensemble.

Effortlessly elegant, stylish and light, long kimonos can serve as that ideal finishing touch for a gorgeous modest outfit that’s comfortable throughout the summer season.

To give plain outfits a little flair, vibrant hues and patterned designs could be the way to go. For maximum versatility, a black, white or neutral kimono with flowing sleeves offers options galore for putting together stylish modest summer outfits.

Whichever style you go for, floor-length kimonos can help you create an on-trend summer wardrobe even when the sun’s blazing outside.

If you’re keen to get a head start on building your modest wardrobe ready for summer, you’ll find modest summer clothing essentials galore in our collection. And don’t forget to visit our blog whenever you need more modest fashion style ideas.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx

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