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Navy abaya with floral lace hem

Modest Fashion Details: Elegant Hems

Every Muslimah knows that the secret to the ultimate modest outfit is the details.

For some, these details take the form of eye-catching accessories or fashion-forward hijabs, while for others it can be as simple as an elegant hemline on their abaya.

That’s not to say the hemline itself has to be simple, though. With the right design, embellished hems can make a subtle yet powerful addition to any modest outfit.

At AbayaButh, we’ve handpicked a beautiful selection of open and closed abayas with stunning hemlines. From floral fabrics to delicate lace and chiffon, we’re putting our embellished hems under the spotlight - showcasing how these finer details can give your modest wardrobe some effortless style.

Floral designs

If you want to give your outfit an elegant yet playful vibe, adding a little flower power to the mix with a floral hemline could be all that’s needed.

Providing a striking contrast against plain fabrics, a floral hem lends a graceful touch to any ensemble. For the perfect day outfit, small floral print hems can give your look a summery feel all year long, while a chic lace floral hem can be a stylish choice for refined evening wear.

Styling floral hems:

To ensure floral design elements are the star of the show, keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple with single-colour pieces.

Lace hemlines

For Muslimahs striving for a luxury look, our selection of lace hem abayas are a wardrobe must-have.

With delicate, ornate detailing, lace has a timeless, classic elegance that’s impossible not to love. We stock a selection of lace hem designs, from thin lacy trims through to deeper hemlines that start from the knee, meaning you’re sure to find a design to suit your personal style.

Styling lace hems:

Lace is sheer by design, so it’s important to pair this material with the right garments so you feel comfortable and confident all day long. With thin lace hems, this can be as simple as wearing a pair of thick tights. However, with deeper lace hems, we’d suggest wearing an inner slip dress in a contrasting shade underneath to highlight the intricate lace pattern while still keeping you suitably covered.

Chiffon styles

If lacy hems aren’t your style, we have a beautiful collection of chiffon hem designs that provide a fuss-free luxury alternative.

With a sheer finish, this slightly transparent, mesh-like fabric is lightweight and floaty, giving abayas an elegant layered look. Effortlessly swishing as you walk, chiffon hems can immediately elevate an ordinary abaya to a sophisticated option.

Styling chiffon hems:

Chiffon hems speak for themselves thanks to their innate luxury look. For a truly show-stopping outfit, though, opt for designs that feature other embellishments such as hand-stitched beading or embroidery.

Pleated designs

We know that every Muslimah has her own unique style and, if you’re looking to curate a modern look through your modest outfits, our pleated hems are just the thing.

From cute curly hems on our pleated fabric abayas to folded chiffon trims, pleated hems bring texture and layering into your modest wardrobe.

Styling pleated hems:

For an understated look, champion a monochrome colour palette - making sure the pleated detail gets all of the attention rather than being lost in a sea of different shades.

The best modest wardrobes create coordination options galore, making it easy to put stunning outfits together whatever the season or occasion. Make sure your modest wardrobe is home to a selection of abayas with gorgeous embellished hemlines to elevate your style all year round.

Keep reading our modest fashion blog for more tips on styling, collections and modest fashion trends.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx
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