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Luxury Abayas

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If you’re ready to join us on the cutting edge of everyday modest fashion, welcome to our luxury abaya range.

When it comes to elegant modest fashion essentials, we have a wide range of stylish abayas available to buy in the UK and worldwide.

With a diverse collection of beautiful luxury abayas available in our online range, finding the perfect statement piece with AbayaButh is a breeze. Whether you’re coordinating with other favourites from your wardrobe or planning a completely new outfit around your dream luxury abaya, your search is over.

Made from premium materials that guarantee style and comfort, we’re sure to have something that will perfectly complement your existing luxury pieces, whatever your personal style may be.

From embroidered open abayas to embellished farasha dresses and velvet detailed kimonos, our huge selection of timelessly elegant abayas will see you through all seasons and occasions.

What makes a luxury abaya?

We stock all kinds of abayas in our online collection, from everyday basics to certified luxury garments, but there are a few signature features that bring the luxury element to this range.

Here are just a few of the hallmarks of our luxury abaya collection:

Elegant shades: 

As well as classic monochromatic shades like black, white and grey, you’ll also find a vibrant spectrum of colour options including dainty taupe and almond, as well as rich jewel tones like emerald green and gold

Stunning embellishments: 

With hand-stitched detailing, glittering stone embellishments and more, it’s the finer details of these sumptuous abayas that add a touch of glamour and earn them their luxury status

Luxurious fabrics: 

From chiffon and lace to premium quality velvet, you’ll find no shortage of high-quality materials in our range of luxury abayas. Soft to the skin, lightweight and effortlessly stylish, these sought-after fabrics are the very definition of luxury

You can find out even more about everything that makes our luxury abaya range so special below.

Luxury abaya colour options

Every Muslimah knows that the key to piecing together the ultimate luxury outfit is getting the colour combinations just right.

For some ladies, a fashionable black abaya just can’t be beaten, while others prefer to add a vibrant splash of colour.

Luckily for you, our luxury range of beautiful abayas includes colour options galore, helping you to pull off the modest ensemble of your dreams. Find stylish abayas in these popular shades:


So, whether you’re looking for a dark-coloured open jacket with embellishments or a colourful patterned abaya for your next special occasion, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

What’s in our luxury abaya range?

The clue is in the name: everything within this range has an element of luxury about it.

Whether in the material used to make the luxury abaya, the delicate embroidered designs or the accessories added to emphasise the outfit, our luxury abaya range is characterised by a commitment to elegance and high fashion.

Hand-picked to provide the ultimate statement piece, you can choose from a variety of stylish modest clothing options, including fashionable abayas, kimonos, farashas and capes.

You’ll also find many items of clothing in this range that make it easy to take your modest fashion look from day to night, whatever’s on the horizon in your social calendar.

Some of our luxury abayas also have a button feature, allowing you to wear them buttoned up during the day and open for the evening. Alternatively, you can introduce a belt around the waist to make a subtle but noticeable update to an elegant abaya you can wear all day long.

Luxury abayas in beautiful fabrics

Equally as important as colour, the touch and feel of the fabric can elevate that sense of luxury and elegance with your outfit. That’s why you’ll find a selection of stunning, high-quality fabrics throughout this premium abaya collection.

From premium velvets to gorgeous nidha fabrics that are soft to the touch, we use only the finest materials in our high-end abaya range.

Some of our best-selling luxury abayas, farashas and kimonos come in high-grade:


All of these fabrics are designed with wearability in mind, delivering elegant abayas that are comfortable to wear all day long and through changing seasons. Light and breathable, our abaya fabrics deliver a combination of effortless comfort and style around the clock.

Buying luxury abayas online

All of our luxurious premium abayas are available to buy online, meaning you can relax in the comfort of your own home and wait for your stunning new modest fashion essentials to arrive at your door. Enjoy free UK delivery on all orders over £100, with worldwide shipping available.

Shop our complete range of luxury abayas now - and if you want to get in touch to find out more about any of our products, use our Contact page or email us at info@abayabuth.com - we’re always happy to help.