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Beige Abayas

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Muted, calm and simple, our line of beige abayas all evoke feelings of serenity when you slip them on. 

These are abayas that your modest wardrobe needs to include, with pieces ideal for everyday wear and intricate designs that are best for those special occasions throughout the year. 

Even the plain beige abayas we have here at AbayaButh are anything but ordinary, with practical pockets and fabric waistbelts to help cinch in the material and give you more structure to your overall look. The beige hue is beautiful for an everyday look that’s sophisticated and stylish. 

Bring a little more flair to your look with our lavish abayas that are ideal for when you want to make a statement. From a simply stunning beige layered chiffon open abaya, this looks beautiful as the fabric flows with your movement. Another pretty piece is the chiffon embellished beige open abaya, which is lightweight and ideal to wear in warmer temperatures. 

For a truly head-turning beige abaya, it has to be the luxury glimmer embellished open design. A fringe-beaded piece that twinkles when light hits it. 

Shop our timeless beige abayas now for a complementary design that’s going to work in your wardrobe all year round.