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Hijab Caps

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Hijabs are an essential part of every Muslimah’s wardrobe. But every modern Muslimah knows that they can be tricky to keep in place, as some fabrics can slip and shift throughout the day - which is where our hijab caps come in.

Hijab caps can be a lifesaver, keeping even the silkiest, most lightweight fabrics firmly in place for day-long comfort.

Whether you’re new to the wonders of hijab caps or simply looking for a replacement, AbayaButh has you covered. We stock a diverse collection of hijab caps, so you’re sure to find the right style for you.

What’s the fuss about hijab caps?

At AbayaButh we stock a range of different hijab cap designs, but essentially they’re all designed to provide a snug-fitting fabric underscarf for keeping your hijabs secure - a struggle many Muslimahs face daily.

That’s because, without an under cap for your hijab, your glossy hair can cause the fabric to slip as you move around. When you wear a hijab cap, this creates a non-slip surface that stops the fabric from moving, even with slippery fabrics like silk or chiffon.

So, if you find yourself constantly readjusting your hijab or worrying it’s going to slip out of place, it’s time to introduce a hijab cap or two to your modest wardrobe. Not only will you have peace of mind that your modest headwear will stay where it should all day long, but it can also make your hijab more comfortable to wear.

Hijab caps in colours galore

Our online collection of hijab caps includes a range of gorgeous shades to help you find just the right match for your hijab style. You’ll find the following shades in our vibrant range:

Dusty taupe
Ivory white
Silver grey

      Explore all of our hijab cap styles

      At AbayaButh, we recognise that every woman has their own style and ideas of comfort when it comes to wearing hijabs - and the same rules apply for hijab caps.

      That’s why we’ve curated a range of under hijab caps that cater for every Muslimah’s needs. Whether you prefer a simple elasticated tube or tie back design, we have you covered.

      Here’s a sneak peek at the different styles we have in store:

      Slit tie back

      If you find having your ears covered too restrictive or uncomfortable, these slit tie hijab caps come with 3 ear holes on each side for added comfort

      Tie back:

      A modest wardrobe essential, this classic tie back hijab cap works to keep hair neat underneath and keep your headscarf in place

      Plain tube: 

      For a close fit to keep loose hairs tucked in, our plain tube hijab caps work a treat - especially with slippery chiffon hijabs

      Criss-cross tube: 

      Featuring a criss-cross design at the front, this stretchy tube hijab cap lends an elegant finish when worn under loose-fitting hijabs - with full coverage criss-cross hijab caps also available in our range

      Satin-lined tie back:

      Forget frizzy, dry hair with a luxurious satin-lined hijab cap designed to retain hair moisture and protect it during wear, leaving your hair feeling glossy and smooth at the end of each day

      Full coverage:

      Covering the head and neck for a secure day-long fit, our full coverage hijab caps won't lose their shape over time - making them the ultimate base layer, especially when worn under chiffon hijabs

        Buy hijab caps online in the UK, US and beyond

        When it comes to buying modest fashion essentials like these must-have hijab caps, we’re all about making life easy.

        From our quick and simple online checkout to reliable international shipping to the UK, US and beyond, you’ll find the whole shopping experience a breeze.

        To get your hands on these wardrobe staples, shop our complete hijab caps collection online now. And if you need some help along the way, we’re here for you - get in touch and we’ll help however we can.