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Cotton Abayas

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Choose one of our elegant and timeless cotton abayas that are comfortable, durable and breathable, these pieces are designed to make you look and feel your best every time you slip them on. 

Modest dressing needn’t be restrictive or uptight and with our cotton abayas you’ll feel luxurious whenever you wear them. 

Cotton makes a great material for your abaya, here are some of the benefits of choosing one of our cotton abaya designs. 

Cotton is a natural and breathable fabric, which allows the air to circulate freely around the body. When you wear your cotton abaya you’ll feel cool and comfortable, especially if you’re in hot climates. Cotton abayas are ideal for those wearing them in warm weather and high temperatures. 

Soft and comfortable, cotton is a great everyday choice of fabric thanks to its lightweight design that makes it a dream to move in. Cotton is also absorbent, so any moisture from the skin will be absorbed by the cotton abaya leaving you feeling dry and comfortable. 

Cotton abayas are also highly durable and easy to care for. These designs can be machine washed and even with regular wear and washing, you’ll have an abaya that maintains its quality over time.