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Grey Abayas

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Shop our line of grey abayas which come in a variety of different styles and shades here at AbayaButh now. 

Grey is a great neutral colour that works well when paired with lots of other colours. It is a great way to introduce another shade into your wardrobe that may be filled with more classic shades of black abayas or white abayas. Grey is practical yet sophisticated, so is an ideal way to get out of your comfort zone of colours that you wear time and time again. 

Here at AbayaButh, we stock an array of grey shades too, there are beautiful light, silver grey shades and deeper olive grey tones that look gorgeous worn with both gold and silver jewellery. 

Simple cotton designs are ideal choices for everyday wear of your grey abaya and then look to our luxurious fabrics like satin, chiffon and organza designs for special occasions. 

Embellished sleeves, pleated back details, and embroidered floral cuffs are just some of the design elements that work to elevate your grey abaya and make it a truly showstopping piece in your wardrobe. 

The colour grey symbolises balance, conservatism and formality, allowing you to showcase from your clothing that you’re practical, mature and reliable. 

Look your best and feel even better by shopping our opulent range of grey abayas here at AbayaButh today.