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Polyester Abayas

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Functional, comfortable and durable are the best ways to describe our polyester abayas which are the ideal choice for everyday wear. 

Polyester is easy to care for, ensuring a piece of clothing that looks just as good when you first buy it as it does years down the line with plenty of wear and washing in between. 

The synthetic material is resistant to shrinking, stretching and wrinkles, plus its excellent colour retention guarantees that you have a beautiful opaque shade that is vibrant even after multiple washes. 

AbayaButh has a wide range of polyester abayas available in simple and elegant designs that will stand the test of time. We also have some statement pieces such as feather details to make you stand out, other smaller details like pleated cuffs and floral edging have stunning effects for modest clothing. 

Blend impeccable style with the demands of everyday life with our line of polyester abayas that are hard wearing, easy to care for and beautifully designed.