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White Abayas

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Look fresh and clean in a simple yet stunning white abaya from here at AbayaButh. Our commitment to quality, modest clothing is apparent with these beautiful designs that work well for everyday wear and special occasions too. 

White abayas are a must-have for any wardrobe, with plain designs that work ideally for prayer and other more sophisticated abayas that you can save for memorable moments. 

These designs keep within the fashion guidelines of a modest Muslimah wardrobe, but with our stylish elements, you can still express yourself. 

A white abaya promotes a look of purity and modesty, creating a timeless outfit you can wear for years to come. 

Our white satin design may be fuss-free, but the luxurious fabric ensures you have a showstopper piece. If you’re after something with a little more detail, then look to our white abayas that have intricate patterns and embellishments. The luxury layered and embellished open abaya works well for brides, and other embellished designs are ideal for those who’d like to bring a bit of extra sparkle to their modest wardrobe. 

For spring/summer, we love the dainty and floral lacework options, as well as the delicate embroidery all over the white abaya that’s perfect for the warmer months. 

Shop white abayas here now and ensure that you have comfort, beauty and opulence with every one of our designs.