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Here at AbayaButh, we believe modest clothing can also be on fashion’s cutting edge. That’s why our customers choose AbayaButh for women’s open and closed abayas.

Within our diverse collection of abayas online, you can pick and choose your favourite styles, ensuring your wardrobe is packed with abayas that make a timeless style statement, while remaining effortlessly on-trend all year round.

Whatever your personal style, we’ve got it all. With modern abayas in colours, materials and designs galore, and a tapestry of embellishments, every one of our women’s abayas is a unique and luxurious addition to any modest wardrobe.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a lightweight everyday abaya or an elegant evening or special occasion abaya, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you browse our vibrant and varied collection of abayas online.

Find out more about what makes our online abaya shop the ultimate place to shop for modest ladies’ fashion.

Our range of abayas

We know how difficult it can be to find an abaya for every occasion, and that’s why we stock a broad range of styles - so you can piece together the perfect outfit to suit your lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for a versatile open abaya for everyday wear or a luxurious closed abaya for a special occasion or event, we have you covered.

As one of the leading online abaya shops in the UK, our abaya shop is packed full of stylish options to ensure you find everything you need in one convenient place. Take your pick from: 

Essential abayas:

Looking for comfortable, elegant day-to-day wear? Our essential abayas collection delivers practical and stylish options galore. From smart workwear to eye-catching evening wear, make sure your modest wardrobe is well-stocked with essential abayas that remain versatile and on-trend whatever the occasion

Occasion abayas: 

Our occasion abayas collection has all you need to bring a touch of luxury and elegance to outfits for events or special occasions. Featuring beautiful detailing and gorgeous fabrics, you’re sure to find your dream occasion abaya to create a show-stopping outfit for weddings, evening events and beyond

Open abayas: 

From open jacket abayas to dramatic, batwing-style designs, our open abayas range brings you cutting-edge fashion with styling options galore. Wear it open for a floaty, relaxed vibe or dress it up with accessories, using a rope tassel belt to tie it in place for an elegant evening outfit


Effortlessly adaptable, adding one of our gorgeous kimono-style abayas to your wardrobe will guarantee you have a solution to every fashion dilemma. Suitable for the office, social events and everyday wear, kimonos will instantly elevate your outfit from average to amazing, whatever the occasion

Jilbabs/prayer abayas: 

A modest wardrobe staple, our selection of jilbabs and prayer sets are built with comfort, modesty and style in mind. With one-piece and two-piece options in soft, lightweight fabrics, you’re sure to find just the right design to suit your unique style

Beyond our signature abaya collections, you’ll also find a choice of capes, luxury abayas and abaya collections for Hajj and Umrah, Ramadan and Eid. Boasting so much variety, we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you to find the perfect abaya for whatever’s coming up on your social calendar.

Your abaya colour options

When it comes to finding an abaya online that’s as unique as you, colour will be key - which is why we stock a huge range of shades to reflect your changing moods, as well as evolving fashion trends.

From light colours for the summer months to darker, richer shades to welcome in the winter, there’s an abaya for every season. With so many colours and styles to choose from, you’ll be guaranteed to find the best outfit to suit the occasion - so you can feel as good as you look.

All you need to do is find your favourite shade in our vibrant collection or stock up on a range of colour options to make sure you’re covered for every occasion and eventuality to enjoy coordination options galore.

To help you find your signature shade, our abayas cover a broad spectrum of colours:

Classic monochrome colours: 

For a classic, traditional look, you can’t go wrong with black, grey or white abayas. A versatile wardrobe staple, these abayas can be effortlessly accessorised for comfortable daytime wear or a sophisticated evening outfit

Elegant neutral shades: 

No modest wardrobe is complete without a choice of versatile neutral shades. With colours including classic beige, chestnut, dusky taupe, pecan, coffee and Moroccan tan, our selection of muted nude, peach, pink and other pastel shades deliver a beautiful yet understated look

Eye-catching bold hues: 

If you want to bring deep, rich colours into the mix, you’ll love our selection of abayas in stunning jewel tones. From vibrant apricot, pistachio and gold to dark burgundy, navy and khaki, you’ll find plenty of colourful abaya options to match your style

Pretty patterns: 

If you’d rather move away from block colours, our abaya shop has you covered there, too. You’ll find a selection of patterned abayas that are guaranteed to bring colour and character to your wardrobe. From intricately embroidered kimonos with floral appliqué detailing to beautiful damask print abayas in soft velvet, a patterned abaya could be the way to go to bring effortless style and beauty to any outfit.

Convenient shopping at your fingertips

Buying abaya dresses online offers a convenient way to get your hands on the latest modest fashion essentials - and with an extensive range of open abayas, you can browse our online shop while you’re on the go, at work or at home.

We strive to make your shopping experience with us as simple and straightforward as possible, from browsing to buying. That’s why, when you shop for abayas online with AbayaButh, you’ll find each product listing features a helpful size guide, giving you all the essential sizing information you need to find a garment that fits perfectly.

Finding a ladies’ abaya that fits like a glove is an essential part of putting together your finished outfit, and our abaya sizes are calculated using height measurements that range from 4ft 9in (150cm) up to 5ft 10in (182cm). This means we cater for all kinds of women, ensuring your abayas are comfortable and practical to wear.

Find cutting-edge fashion you can afford

Along with our dedication to modest fashion, we’re also committed to bringing you on-trend fashion staples that are affordable to boot. This means when you shop with AbayaButh, you'll get high-quality abayas at a great value price. From timeless designs to global modest clothing trends, we give our customers a feast of fashion favourites at pocket-friendly prices.

So, if you’re looking for beautiful abayas you can afford, the search is over. Shop our big, beautiful range of abayas online today and use our size guide to help you pick the abaya that’s right for you. You can even enjoy free UK delivery on orders over £100.

Got a question for our team? Looking for a little bit of outfit inspiration from the modest women’s fashion experts? Head to our contact page today or email us at info@abayabuth.com. We can’t wait to hear from you.