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Colourful Abaya Designs to Say Hello to Summer

With the summer season now well and truly in swing, now’s the time to restock your modest wardrobe with a stunning selection of summer-ready modest fashion looks. Say goodbye to thick fabrics and cold-weather colour palettes and welcome some colourful new abaya options into your modest clothing rotation.

In today’s post, we’re shedding a warming light on the broad spectrum of colourful abaya designs we have in stock to give you ample style inspiration for the summer season. Whether you want to make a statement with vibrant colour blocking or dial up the luxury with a sumptuous embellished look, our treasure trove of beautiful colour abayas includes warm-weather options galore to help you embody the brilliance and beauty of the summer sun.

Let’s take a closer look.

Bold single-colour abayas

For Muslimahs who like to live boldly, we stock a huge range of vibrant single-colour open and closed abaya designs to help you turn up the volume on your modest summertime wardrobe.

From quintessential summer shades like golden yellow and blush pink to other punchy shades like aqua and emerald green, the summer season brings an opportunity to experiment with bold new shades whether you’re looking for stylish everyday wear or show-stopping occasion wear. In our abaya collection, you’ll find colourful open and closed abayas in monochromatic designs, including embellished options for an infusion of luxury modest style.

Vibrant two-tone abayas

Double the colour means double the potential for coordination, and we stock a selection of summery two-tone abayas for Muslimahs looking to add an extra dimension to their ensemble.

You’ll find colourful abayas in white and glacier blue, pale pink and rich purple, and various other colour pairings perfect for a summertime style statement. In our online store, you’ll find colourful two-tone closed and open abayas as well as multicolour abaya sets complete with an outer jacket, inner slip dress and matching hijab and belt.

Opulent embellished abayas

Monochrome and two-tone abayas are all well and good for everyday summertime wear but, when you’ve got a special occasion or summer event looming, you need a modest wardrobe well-stocked with luxurious embellished pieces that make a big style statement.

AbayaButh is home to a stunning range of colourful embellished abayas featuring everything from intricate hand-stitched detailing to gemstone piping and beyond. With colour options including thirst-quenching blues, dreamy pinks, lush greens, earthy browns and many more, look no further than our store for colourful luxury abayas.

Colourful printed abayas

For the ultimate in multicolour modest fashion, explore our colourful kimono abaya and bisht options adorned with stylish bold prints positively perfect for the summer season.

We stock mixed colour abayas in timeless striped and floral print designs as well as stunning sunset, geometric and abstract prints, helping you to infuse eye-catching patterns galore into your seasonal modest wardrobe. With colour options ranging from Moroccan blues and natural greens to warm reds and dainty pastels, you’ll find a spectrum of summery shades in our collection of colourful printed abayas.

Classic abayas with stand-out accents

Want to get strategic with your use of colour combinations in the summer season? You might prefer a carefully chosen accent rather than an all-out single-colour abaya or bold print.

If this sounds like you, we also have a beautiful selection of classic abayas featuring elegant, eye-catching colourful accents so you can make colour count in your summertime ensembles. From shimmering gold lace detailing to colourful hand-stitched embroidery and bold colour stripes, our range of abayas includes various pieces with vibrant accent features, elevating everyday abayas to help you make a summertime style statement.

With a rainbow of beautiful shades to choose from in a selection of comfortable, lightweight fabrics perfect for the summer season, we’re your one-stop shop for colourful abayas for everything from the everyday to the extraordinary.

Get your modest wardrobe summer-ready now. Explore our vibrant range of colourful abaya designs, from bold single-colour and two-tone styles to luxurious embellishments and accents galore - and don’t forget to check out our latest arrivals for the ultimate in seasonal style.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx

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