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Modest Fashion Fabrics: Velvet

When it comes to luxury modest fashion, no wardrobe should be without at least one velvet option. Whether it’s a versatile black velvet closed abaya or a jewel-toned cape, velvet bring a timeless high-end look to any ensemble whatever the occasion.

Of course, every Muslimah has her own personal style, which is why we offer a range of velvet abaya and cape options at AbayaButh to help you curate your dream look.

Join us as we take a closer look at the different velvet options we have in stock and everything this gorgeous fabric has to offer.

Why choose velvet?

Velvet is a manmade fabric that’s made from woven tufts of fine threads like silk and cotton which are cut short to create the distinctively soft-touch fabric that feels smooth when you run your hand over it.

This smooth finish is what gives velvet its high-end reputation, but there’s more to our velvet abayas and capes than just good looks.

As a thick and heavy fabric, velvet makes a solid option for cooler seasons, as it can provide the perfect warming layer to ensure you don’t feel the chill in the name of fashion.

It’s also an incredibly durable material that will last for years with the right care. So, even if you only buy one velvet abaya or cape, it can be a valuable fashion investment.

Velvet abayas

Abayas are a staple of any Muslimah’s wardrobe, and having one or two in opulent velvet will make sure you always have a show-stopping option on hand whatever the occasion and your personal style.

To help you find just the right piece for you, we’ve handpicked a stunning selection of velvet abayas.

Closed velvet abayas
If you love the simple, understated style of closed velvet abayas, we have you covered. Stocked in a choice of sleek, closed velvet abayas and farashas in styles and shades galore, you can find a design that’s you all over.

With the option to wear yours loose or with a belt for a more defined silhouette, rich, dark hues like black, dark green, plum and blue work beautifully in velvet - giving your outfit added opulence.

You’ll even find many of our closed velvet abayas come with sparkling embellishments and elegant features such as cuffed or bell sleeves.

Open velvet abayas
If you’d prefer an open velvet abaya for added styling versatility, you’ll still be spoilt for choice.

From four-piece velvet abaya sets to glittery open farashas, at AbayaButh, we stock a beautiful range of velvet designs and colours to give your modest wardrobe a new dimension.

Perfect for wearing over a simple inner slip dress or even as a stylish jacket with some smart trousers, open velvet abayas are endlessly versatile - taking an average outfit and transforming it into a high-end ensemble.

As with our closed velvet abayas, you’ll find embellishments and detailing galore across our range, such as batwing sleeves and hand-stitched beading.

Velvet capes

If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch for your modest outfit, look no further than our selection of sumptuous velvet capes.

Featuring an open front and slits either side for the arms, our floor-length velvet capes are best worn with long-sleeve garments for the utmost modesty. With colour options including teal, navy, black, olive brown, emerald green and maroon, you’re sure to find the perfect shade for you.

Elegantly draped over a closed abaya or inner slip dress, our velvet capes can be worn in countless ways with countless different garments underneath. You can even wear velvet capes with a pair of smart jeans or trousers and a top for a contemporary look.

However you choose to wear your velvet cape, the end result will be an outfit that screams luxury and sophistication.

To elevate your modest wardrobe, introduce a velvet abaya or cape able to give any outfit a stunning, high-end finish.

Head over to our full abaya collection to discover all of our velvet abaya and cape options. And if you want even more fashion tips, trend insights and collection updates, keep reading our modest fashion blog.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx

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