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Modest Fashion Gifts: 5 Events & Occasions for Gifting

Like everyone else, we love the feeling of receiving a carefully chosen gift. But there’s something incredibly special and rewarding about the act of giving gifts to loved ones, too - whether it’s a little trinket for your bestie to show her you care, or a special prayer abaya for your daughter’s first Ramadan.

To make your gift look and feel extra special, we’ve got a stunning collection of luxury keepsake gift boxes that will guarantee the gift and moment is treasured for years to come.

With designs to suit all kinds of special occasions, our boxes can be the perfect way to present your special gift, from luxury chiffon hijabs for Eid to a beautiful embellished bridal abaya.

Made with high-quality materials, our magnetic fastening luxury keepsake gift boxes feature a striking decorative design, including a choice of patterned sleeves with messages for different events and occasions.

With the capacity to hold 2-3 abayas or up to 6 hijabs, we’ll lovingly wrap your gift garments in tissue paper in a pretty box that can be saved. On request, we can even include a personalised note to loved ones if you want us to send it straight to them.

To up your game when it comes to gifting, you can use one of our boxes for the following events and occasions:


  • Weddings: whether you’re buying the bridal abaya as a gift or you’ve carefully selected a range of hijabs for the bride to wear during and after the wedding celebrations, make sure they arrive in style and with a lovely sentiment using one of our keepsake boxes with the message ‘Nikah Mubarak’
  • Ramadan: spread love and joy during this special celebration by giving loved ones a Ramadan gift in a special ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ box containing beautiful hijabs, abayas and accessories to wear
  • Eid: whether you’re celebrating the end of fasting for Eid al-Fitr or preparing for big Eid al-Adha celebrations with family and friends, giving loved ones a special outfit in a stylish gift box will make the occasion even more special
  • Umrah and Hajj: giving your loved ones special modest abayas, jilbab and hijabs in a dedicated ‘Umrah Mubarak’ or ‘Hajj Mubarak’ box will make them feel truly blessed and well-dressed for this important spiritual journey
  • Miscellaneous: of course, if you simply want to show your love and appreciation for someone outside of sacred celebrations, we also have options with ‘Thank you’ and ‘Congrats’ messages

With so many options to choose from, whatever the occasion or event, it’s easy to show your family and friends just how much you care with our keepsake gift boxes.

Simply choose the items you want to put inside, then head over to our gift boxes collection to find your gift box design of choice and we’ll do the rest - making sure it arrives with its recipient in no time.

If you want more modest fashion tips, collection updates or trend insights, keep reading our modest fashion blog.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx
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