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layered taupe abaya and mink inner dress

Modest Fashion Must-Have Looks: Layers

If you’re looking to take your modest wardrobe to another level, learning how to use layers is key.

With the right combination of fabrics and garments, a layered modest fashion look can instantly give your outfit new depth, style and versatility whatever the season or occasion.

To help you master the layered look, this style guide includes top tips on how to pull off layering, covering everything from fabric and colours to garments and textures.

Invest in multiple underlayer options

Remaining on the cutting edge of fashion doesn’t have to come at the cost of your modesty when you learn how to layer up in style.

The first step is to make sure your wardrobe has a variety of under layer options for you to choose from. From garment types to fabrics and colours, think of these innerwear pieces as the foundation for your modest outfits.

For layered open abayas and dresses, keep a selection of versatile inner slip dresses on standby. A selection of long-sleeved t-shirts and roll neck tops are also must-haves for layering up jeans, trousers and skirt combinations.

Worn under a top layer such as a button up top, dress or abaya, an inner slip dress or long-sleeve tee can introduce a new dimension to a simple outfit. They can also give your wardrobe added scope, pairing with unexpected pieces to spectacular effect.

Don’t sideline seasonal favourites

As the seasons change, we tend to sideline certain items in our wardrobe. For instance, that gorgeous floaty maxi dress you’ve been swanning around in all summer inevitably makes way for warmer winter options.

What if we told you to stop looking at your wardrobe from a seasonal perspective? Instead, see these seasonal garments as just one layer of a layered look that can be worn all year round.

That pretty chiffon abaya can be layered up with a cosy inner slip and leggings underneath, and a chunky knit cardigan or jacket over it - transforming this piece into to an all-season favourite.

Play around with garment lengths

It’s important to feel comfortable and confident in your modest outfit, but that doesn’t have to mean sticking to garments of the same length.

When it comes to successful layering, the key is to introduce varying garment lengths that can give an outfit more definition and structure - preventing it from looking visually flat. This is also a reliable fashion fix for when you need to put an outfit together in a hurry.

For example, if you’re wearing a maxi abaya dress, pair it with a cropped jacket or cardigan that will break up the block of colour and create a refined silhouette.

Finally, don’t be afraid to tuck in tops to give your outfit a more complete look. Sometimes layered outfits can run the risk of looking flat - but with different lengths and a little tuck in here and there, you can instantly give your ensemble a more on-trend, edgy finish.

Mix up textures and colours

If you want your layered outfit to really pop, you need to embrace a mixture of textures and colours. From striking colour contrasts and patterns to textural nuances, these finer details all go towards taking your outfit from average to exceptional.

This technique works for day and night, helping you to adapt your outfit with just a few considered touches.

For daytime, keep things simple using accessories like tassel belts worn with a patterned abaya and paired with colourful leather shoes and a handbag to introduce subtle textural nuances.

With evening outfits, keep things chic and elegant with a layered open abaya and inner slip dress combination in contrasting colours. For added impact, go for layered textural differences, too, such as a chiffon abaya or velvet cape which will draw the eye in.

To complete your outfit, use a hijab style with layers or a draped finish that will give your outfit that effortlessly layered look.

Getting to grips with layers can be tricky but we hope that, with our modest layering tips and our diverse collection of modest fashion essentials, you’ll have everything you need to pull off a sleek and sophisticated look.

For more modest fashion tips, tricks and insights, keep reading our modest fashion blog.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx

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