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Dark red abaya with rosy pink inner slip & hijab

Modest Fashion Colour Palettes: Complementary Clashes

At AbayaButh, we fully appreciate that single-colour modest outfits are a must-have for modern Muslimahs - but sometimes we crave a little colour to spice up our style.

If this is sounding all too familiar to you, we’re here for you. Today, we’re going to be exploring colour contrasts - looking at how to successfully introduce colour into your wardrobe through the art of complementary colour clashes.

From stark light and dark contrasts to more subtle clashes of colour, we’ll take you through the various options you’ll find within our modest fashion collection. Plus, we’ll arm you with plenty of styling tips along the way, helping you to curate your own unique look with your favourite shades.

Classic dark and light clashes

Complementary colour clashes usually refer to colours that ordinarily sit on opposite sides of the colour wheel. However, it can be as simple as pairing light and dark shades together.

Black and white: one of the simplest and safest clashes is a trusty monochrome black and white combination. This night-and-day colour palette is instantly eye-catching yet simplistic, making it an ideal way to dip your toe into the world of colour clashing and build your confidence. The other positive is that both of these tones complement pretty much any other colour - so, if you’re feeling brave, you can introduce another hue into the mix.

Styling tip: keep the contrasts simple by pairing a black abaya with a white hijab or going for a white inner slip dress finished with a black kimono or cape.

Pale and dark neutral shades: for a slightly softer colour contrast, put pale and dark neutral tones together, like cream and brown, white and grey, taupe and mink, or nude and mocha. Playing with light and dark shades in these neutral hues can be a brilliant way to celebrate subtle colour differences that work well together.

Styling tip: try to choose neutral shades that have the same underlying colour group - for instance, beige-creams go well with dark browns, white complements cool greys, and warm peach tones work with butterscotch.

Jewel tones: vibrant jewel tones like emerald green, blue, purple and red are ideal for contrasting with paler hues, allowing the dominant jewel colour to be the guiding star in your outfit. From pure white and ivory to mink, nude and blush pinks, there are so many ways you can combine bold and softer hues.

Styling tip: reserve this type of combination for special occasions. Use luxury embellished abayas in rich, deep hues with pale slip dresses, hijabs and accessories to create a sleek, striking outfit fit for any event.

Contemporary colour combinations

For a more modern feel, amp up your colour clashing by pairing two bold tones that are continually vying for attention.

With light and dark contrasts, it’s all about creating balance - often allowing one colour to tone down the outfit. However, with these complementary colour clashes, it’s about making a bold statement where both colours come to the fore.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Red and green: with the right shades, red and green create a powerful colour combination, delivering a striking finished look. We love dark forest greens with berry hues that create a rich bouquet of colour that’s impossible to ignore.

Styling tip: for an elegant evening look, go for a dark green abaya with delicate embellishments, and finish with mauve accessories - these could include a belt, shoes or handbag.

Blue and yellow: if you want a colour clash that screams elegance, blue and yellow are the way to go. These two colours beautifully clash like the sun and the sky, creating a high-end finished look that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Styling tip: for a sophisticated and timeless look, we’d suggest putting together navy blue and gold - a colour combination that can be found in many of our occasion abayas. Alternatively, you can dress up a plain navy blue abaya with some chunky costume jewellery.

Yellow, red and orange: combining warm tones like red, yellow and orange in a two or three-colour palette is a sure-fire way to make your outfit stand out. These hues are perfect for all seasons but particularly during autumn and winter, as they naturally evoke a sense of warmth.

Styling tips: create a layered look with these clashing tones, choosing a different shade for each garment. For instance, go for a sunset gold inner dress, topped with a burgundy farasha and finished with a taupe hijab.


If you’re ready to embrace the beauty of colour clashing in your modest wardrobe, we have you covered. We stock a huge selection of abayas, jilbabs, kimonos, hijabs and more. Discover all of your options online now, including our latest modest fashion must-haves.

If you’re in search of more modest fashion styling tips, the AbayaButh blog has modest fashion ideas, trends and collection updates galore for you to explore.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx

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