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Mauve layered open abaya

Abaya Style Guide: Open vs Closed Abayas

Whether you want to create a glamorous look for a night out with friends or find the perfect everyday option for the office, we believe every Muslimah should have a selection of abaya styles in her modest wardrobe.

Why? Well, they say variety is the spice of life, but having a choice of design options at the ready is also guaranteed to give your wardrobe the versatility you need to dress for any occasion.

When it comes to abayas, there are many style options available - but today, we’re taking a closer look at classic open and closed abayas, what earns them a place in your modest wardrobe and how to style them to perfection.

Styling tips for closed abayas

Let’s start with closed abayas. Taking the form of a loose, floaty, floor-length dress that can be worn on its own or with other accessories, a closed abaya provides an all-in-one modest outfit for all seasons and occasions.

Easy to slip on over other garments, closed abayas are a go-to choice when you need a quick and versatile option.

To help you find just the right option to suit your unique style, our online store is bursting with closed abaya options from plain fabrics to pretty patterns and embellished designs.

For the perfect everyday option, having a few plain closed abayas in neutral or monochrome tones, such as black, white, grey, brown, beige and cream, will give your modest wardrobe maximum versatility.

Alternatively, go for eye-catching glamour with one of our embellished closed abayas, which need very little in terms of additional styling. If you can’t resist adding a little extra, though, accessorising with a belt in the same fabric or a contrasting design will create a refined and sophisticated silhouette.

While most closed abayas speak for themselves, that’s not to say you can’t add a little texture and personality with some additional layers. From open abayas and kimonos to capes and jackets, closed abayas will complement a variety of top layers for an outfit that’s effortlessly stylish from head to toe.

Style ideas for open abayas

Open abayas have become a popular choice for modern Muslimahs as they bring countless styling options. Thrown over jeans and a jumper or paired with an inner slip dress, there are options galore when it comes to wearing your open abayas.

Open abayas need to be accompanied by inner layers to ensure the utmost comfort and modesty. Their open, loosely draped look can be a perfect finishing touch for contemporary workwear worn with smart suit trousers, a button-up blouse and some elegant loafers.

Alternatively, if you want to wear your open abaya more like a wrap-around dress, many of our designs come with concealed ties and belts that allow you to gather in the waist and secure them in place. With an inner slip dress underneath in a contrasting shade, this is an outfit that can be dressed up and down to suit the occasion.

Another classic way to style open abayas is by accessorising with belts. From belts in matching fabrics (which come with many of our abayas) to elegant coloured belts, this accessory can give an outfit structure and a sleek finish whatever look you’re going for.

At AbayaButh, you’ll find open abaya and kimono designs in colours, fabrics and styles galore, giving you all the variety you need to create a carefully constructed look.

Explore our complete range of open and closed abayas online now to find wardrobe essentials for all seasons.

And don’t forget to keep reading our modest fashion blog for the latest styling tips, modest fashion trends and collection updates.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx
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