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dark green abaya with lace cuff sleeves

Modest Fashion Details: Embellished Cuffs

In modest fashion, a little detail can go a long way when it comes to transforming a simple outfit into a modest masterpiece.

For some fashion-forward Muslimahs, this can mean mining a ready supply of accessories such as belts, jewellery and handbags to give outfits that extra flair or sparkle.

We’re here to let you in on a little secret, though - you don’t always need a treasure trove of accessories to give your outfits a new dimension. Sometimes, all you need is an abaya with embellished cuff sleeves to make a powerful style statement.

At AbayaButh, we stock a beautiful selection of cuff sleeve abayas able to level up any Muslimah’s modest wardrobe. Here’s the inside scoop on all of our embellished cuff sleeve abaya options.

Lovely lace

The epitome of luxury, we feel that every Muslimah should own at least one lace cuff sleeve abaya - a stunning statement piece for day or night.

Whether it’s for a special family occasion or a work event, you’ll find a stunning collection of cuff sleeve abayas with beautiful lace embellishments in our online range.

Some of our favourite designs include:

  • Scalloped sleeves: go beyond straight-edged sleeves in your abaya collection and celebrate the beauty of curves with any one of our gorgeous scalloped lace cuff designs. These floaty, wide-sleeved designs deliver effortless elegance with lacy embellishments in a range of shades - from monochrome black, white and grey tones to nude, green, berry, blue and metallic hues
  • Straight sleeves: if you love the look of lace in a more structured cuff design, our straight lace cuff sleeve abayas are anything but straight-laced. Bringing a sleek and striking dimension to your outfit, choose from plain and patterned sheer lace in all kinds of colours to make sure your outfit stands out for the right reasons
  • Floral lace: give your wardrobe some natural beauty with floral lace cuff embellishments. From bridal gowns to evening wear, floral lace is the perfect way to give your outfit a dainty yet luxurious finishing touch

Pretty embroidery

If lace cuffs aren’t your thing, we have various other cuff embellishment options for you to choose from, including embroidered designs.

Featuring intricate and ornate detailing, many of our embroidered cuff sleeve abayas are hand-sewn, giving your outfit a high-end, bespoke feel.

From the colourful threads to delicate detailing, an abaya with embroidered cuff sleeves can effortlessly upgrade your outfit with little need for other accessories.

Beautiful beads and gems

If you’re looking for an abaya with cuff sleeves that demand attention, styles embellished with beads and gems could be the way to go.

Instantly eye-catching and elegant, hand-stitched embellishments on the cuffs, including pearls, diamantes and beads, will beautifully catch the light as you glide through the room.

All you need to do is decide which design and colour best suits your style and occasion, and you’re all set.

Contrasting cuffs

Making a style statement doesn't have to mean glitzy fabrics and shiny embellishments. A simple design feature like colour or fabric contrasts can be equally as captivating and impactful.

This is where our contrast cuff sleeve abayas shine. From powerful florals that liven up a plain abaya to stark fabric colour contrasts on the inside of the cuff sleeves, we have options galore available in a spectrum of shades.

Practical gathered cuffs

For Muslimahs who want their cuff sleeves to deliver enviable style and an element of practicality, we have the perfect solution: gathered cuff sleeve abayas.

We stock a huge choice of cuff sleeve designs with a tapered or gathered finish. Some designs are all about adding flair, like our sheer lace tie-up sleeves, while others focus on functionality and modesty with zipped or elasticated cuffs.

Many of our prayer sets feature zipped and elasticated cuff sleeves to ensure the utmost modesty and comfort all day long. Equally, added embellishments like frills and lace detailing can give outfits a striking feature that maximises modesty in the process.

Whichever cuff sleeve style you prefer, we’re sure you’ll find it right here. With so many gorgeous designs across our range of abayas, kimonos and prayer sets, we have a style to suit every Muslimah.

To make sure your wardrobe has the perfect blend of everyday essentials and luxurious options, explore our full modest fashion collection online.

Of course, our fashion tips don’t end here, so keep checking back on the AbayaButh modest fashion blog for even more collection updates, styling tips and other must-read features.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx

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