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black embroidered abaya with pale hijab

Today’s Style of Modesty

When you hear modesty, you think long sleeves, high neck, floor length - so in other words, maxi dresses and abayas as they fit the description.

As pretty and versatile as maxi dresses can be, they may not be practical for everyday chores. And for those who do not particularly wear abayas on a daily basis, how can you dress modestly?

Every person has their own unique sense of style and this blog post is not instructing you on what you can and cannot wear in terms of modesty. Rather, this aims to provide you with ideas and suggestions on what you could wear and what is on trend right now, which fits our requirements for modest wear.

First, and foremost are abayas. Though, earlier it may have simply been just wearing a simple abaya with a headscarf, now you see all these wonderful outfits that are styled beautifully with abayas. One of our most popular pieces which fits the criteria is our range of Damask Open Jacket which very quickly became some of our best sellers.

Another example is our Tassel Batwing Open Jacket Abaya that can be styled in many ways. The best thing about an abaya like this is that as it's all black, it can be styled with accessories and fashion pieces in so many different and unique ways.

An example would be to style it beautifully with our Teal Palazzo Trousers.

Palazzo trousers are really in season right now, along with Chinos, Culottes, Flared and Wide leg trousers. These are perfect for the summer months when it can be very difficult to adhere to modesty and remain comfortable. Not only will you be able to uphold your modesty but you will also be in trend with the season's favourite styles of clothing.

Our Rope Tassel Belt would look amazing when worn with all abayas, specifically the open ones. It adds that extra style to your look yet guarantees you can keep yourself covered.

Other popular current trends are embroidered detailing and kimonos. To stay on trend with high street fashion yet remain modest, we have incorporated embroidery into some of our Kimonos such as our Dahlia Embroidered Kimono and Cherry Blossom Kimono.

We ensured our Kimonos were perfect for summer so that they can be styled easily with simple tops and trousers to avoid over layering yet ensure you look perfectly modest.

There are many items on trend right now that meet our requirements of modesty but still allow us to be stylish and trendy. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and gained a little insight for outfit ideas.

We hope to see you on the next blog.

So, until then have a great day!

AbayaButh x

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