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Welcoming Ramadhan

Assala'mualaykum ladies!

Hope you are all in the best of health and Imaan.

First and foremost, we shall begin by welcoming you to our latest addition to the website, the AbyaButh blog. Here you will be reading a variety of blogs from modest fashion, trends of the moment and even styling blogs with our stunning abayas. We welcome you to join us in this new journey and hope you enjoy every moment spent reading.

As we have been blessed to welcome Ramadhan yet again in our lives, the first blog will be dedicated to this sacred month.

Ramadhan - when we hear of this word we immediately think of fasting, not being able to eat and drink. Of course, it will be anyone's instant thought as the concept of no food and no drink does play a huge role in this month.

To others, the thought may be daunting, how can one's religion not allow them to eat for 30 days? Yet, we know better. We learn the feeling of intense hunger for 30 days and come to realise how truly blessed we are. We fast as the obligation from Allah, to obey and please Him when in fact there are millions of people who fast every day and not by choice but their way of life.

From fasting, we build compassion and even awe to the less fortunate who live every moment being thankful for the little they have.

May Allah be pleased with them, Ameen.

When the month of Ramadhan is approaching, you hear and see how people express their joy and excitement because it truly means more than just fasting. This is the month of mercy and forgiveness. The air is filled with love and such peace, what a wonderful feeling it is. We aim to make the most out of the blessings we can gain. When Allah is showering them onto us, it would be foolish of us not to catch them.

However, we must remind ourselves that fasting does not simply mean not eating/drinking, rather it is the longest form of worshipping. The 5 daily prayers do not take longer than an hour at the very most however with fasting, every day is 16-18 hours long (depending on season and location) for a whole month. So technically, we are worshipping Allah for more than 500+ hours in Ramadhan. SubhanAllah! How incredible is that?

Unfortunately, we cannot be oblivious to the fact that to some, Ramadhan has become a ritual rather than worship. We welcome and witness it every year Alhamdulillah and so it has become normal for us. We fast from dusk to dawn because it is that time of the year and everyone around us is doing the same. We forget that this isn't just the time to stay away from food, rather a time to purify our hearts and souls, make invocation and ask Allah for forgiveness. Sure, we fast but that's about it.

When in fact, Ramadhan is a month with countless benefits. We fight against the hunger, thirst and transgression of the soul to please Allah. Other than fasting, one of our greatest battles is against the desires of the soul. You see people refrain themselves from doing bad and the push for good is strengthened. Some may argue and say it is done only for the month of Ramadhan but who are we to judge when it is done to please the greatest judge of all?

We must remind ourselves about the aspect of this month. Yes, there will be many changes seen in people that aren't 'normal' so to say. But this is the month of kindness, compassion and encouragement. We should strive towards gaining as many blessings as we can together. It is time where all Muslims around the globe aim for one thing - the mercy and forgiveness of Allah.

So, let us all pray and worship our Lord to the best of our abilities in order to gain His pleasure and forgiveness and may we be amongst those who are showered in His blessings and Mercy. Ameen.

We pray everyone can make the most of this fruitful month insha'Allah.

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We have many other different styles and colours so be sure to have a browse on our website because do remember, though we are gaining reward in this month, we should not let it go to waste once Eid arrives. We must remain modest throughout and what better way than with AbayaButh?

Thank you for reading.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx

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