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Omani Thobes

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Showcase Omani culture with pride with AbayaButh’s line of high-quality Omani thobes, that perfectly reflect the heritage, values and aesthetics of Oman. 

These traditional Omani thobes are available in white, which is ideal for reflecting sunlight and keeping cool, as well as other neutral hues for those who prefer modern variations. We have beautiful shades of grey, blue and beige perfect for different occasions. 

Everything about our Omani thobes is designed for wearability, with light and airy fabrics that guarantee you feel cool even in warm climates. Even the wide and long cut of the Omani thobe makes it feel loose for maximum comfort and air circulation. 

The placket, sleeves and neck are all adorned with traditional intricate embroidery that comes in both matching and contrasting colours. Each of our Omani thobes is designed with a tassel (furakha), which hangs from the neckline. This tassel, which can be perfumed, is both decorative and functional, providing a subtle fragrance, as well as a unique cultural signature. 

Omani thobes represent a blend of tradition, comfort and elegance. They are a key part of Omani men’s wardrobes, holding a place of cultural importance in the society of Oman. These garments are designed by AbayaButh as a way of celebrating and showcasing Omani culture and pride - shop our quality collection below.