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Autumnal/Winter Abaya Inspiration: 4 Fashion Ideas

We've waved goodbye to summer, said hello to autumn and before we know it, winter will be knocking on the door. With the change in season comes the change in our wardrobes. The summer clothes are being packed away in the bottom drawer, while the warmer clothes are taking the prime spot on the hangers.

To get us in the mood for the change over of seasons, we've put together 4 inspirational fashion ideas for your abaya that you can inject into your wardrobe with open arms - allowing you to enter the season without being fashionably late.

How to accessorise your abaya

First things first, we're going to look at how you can use accessories to make your abayas fashionable all year round. If you're not doing a complete wardrobe refresh but want to add some little extras then you're in luck, as it's the season for extra special accessories.

Pairing a grey abaya with one of our jersey hijabs will not only look amazing - especially one with pearls that will complement a simple abaya design - but the thicker material will keep you lovely and warm compared to thinner hijabs which are more suited to summer.

Another option that could be a change up from the traditional hijab would be to pair your abaya with a velvet turban. Apart from the obvious reasons of warmth, the turbans look effortlessly beautiful and our range of colours are perfect for the season - from burnt oranges and emerald greens to coffees and charcoals, there will be a colour for you.

Choosing autumn/winter colours

Sometimes, all you need to do to get ready for a new season is to make sure the colours you're picking out are on trend. As much as we love splashes of bright colours, we're welcoming a mix of Earthy colours into our autumn and winter abaya collections - using olive greens and rich auburn colours to achieve the perfect seasonal look.

A seasonal colour we're loving at the moment is khaki green. Our Lace and Pearl Detailed Midi Dress is a staple autumnal piece - match with cream colours and you have the perfect November outfit. Once we hit the colder months of December and January, our full-length Bronze Cuff Abaya will do the job of keeping you warm while its minimalist and delicate design will keep you fashionable.

Dressing for colder weather

With the colder months upon us, our focus is now on keeping warm and toasty, no matter what we're doing. Choosing specific materials for your winter wardrobe is essential to ensuring you have enough layers and beautiful winter abayas to set you up for the season ahead - making you look effortlessly fashionable while staying warm.

Our first suggestion would be to take a look at your slip dresses before picking out abayas. Long sleeve slip dresses are a great addition to any winter wardrobe and they can come in different colours to complement the abaya worn over the top. Subtle slips such as taupe, black, white and cream are easy to wear as they're a versatile colour to match with many other colours - so consider stocking up this season.

Next, consider the different materials for abayas - velvet being our season favourite. We absolutely love this Luxury Black Velvet Hooded Embellished Open Abaya that's gorgeously embellished for a wintery feel - the addition of the hood is going to be perfect for the extra cold days the season is bound to offer up.

Dressing for day to evening wear

Everyone loves having an outfit that they can dress up or down, the sort of outfit that you can wear to work during the day but go out for dinner come the evening. Some abayas naturally achieve both looks without being altered, however, some might benefit from a rose gold belt being used around the waist to help them transition into an evening look.

Our Leaf Detailed Open Abaya accomplishes the day to evening look perfectly and the leaf pattern couldn't be any more appropriate for autumn. Wear during the day using the pop-up buttons to have it closed and for the evening, open it, tying the matching belt around the waist and pair with some heels for a classic look while keeping your fashion on point.

If you need a little more fashion inspiration to help you tackle the change in weather, check out our range of beautiful abayas here.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx

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