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Modal Hijabs

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At AbayaButh, we want every Muslimah to find the perfect headscarf to give her everything she needs for day-long comfort. As part of this, we’ve created a hijab collection home to a variety of fabrics and countless colour options, including our chic modal hijab range.

Right here, you’ll find an array of modal hijabs that come in a beautiful spectrum of colours and fabrics, giving you the variety you need to curate your own unique look.

From modal hijabs in classic shades to modal crinkle hijabs in jewel tones, we have options galore to help you honour your cultural and religious traditions in style.

Discover all of our modal hijab options now, plus some ideas on how to wear them.

Our modal hijab colours

Colour plays a key role in any outfit and, when it comes to the finishing touches, our modal hijab collection boasts a broad spectrum of shades.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of our many colour options:

Versatile monochromes:

Modal hijabs in monochrome tones like black, white and grey are must-haves for giving your modest wardrobe added versatility for every occasion and season.

Soothing neutrals: 

For soft shades that go with almost any outfit, modal hijabs in neutral hues like beige, cream, stone and taupe are a go-to option.

Delicate pastels: 

Add subtle colour to your outfit with modal hijabs in pretty pastel hues including blush pink, soft peach, lilac, mint green and more.

Warm tones: 

Take inspiration from autumnal and exotic hues like mustard yellow, terracotta, apricot and rich brown which are sure to add a little warmth and spice to your hijab colour palette.

Bold hues: 

Give your outfit a welcome flourish of colour with a modal hijab in a bolder shade such as red, dark green or bright blue.

Check out some of the colour options available in our modal hijab collection here:

Lucent white
Bridal white
Perfectly Pale
Pumice Stone
Frost grey
Rose Dust
Mocha Meringue
Simply taupe
Light taupe
Taupe grey
Orchid Petal
Wood Rose
Deep mahogany
Smokey olive
Vintage khaki
Forest green
Sage green
Soft Berry
Pumpkin Spice

Our modal hijab fabrics

At AbayaButh, we want you to be able to express your own unique style through your modest fashion essentials. That’s why, within our modal hijab range, you’ll find a range of fabric finishes available.

Premium micro modal: 

With the feel of cotton plus added durability and breathability, our premium micro modal hijabs are a must-have option for everyday and occasion wear, especially in hot weather. The finer knit of our micro modal hijabs gives them an ultra-luxurious feel, along with making them particularly easy to wash and care for in the long term.

Crinkle modal: 

Featuring a textured finish, our lightweight, soft modal crinkle hijabs are perfect for bringing texture and depth to simple, understated outfits. The wrinkle-resistant crinkle finish means our crinkle hijabs will look their best throughout the day and night, draping elegantly and flawlessly with minimal potential for creasing.

Ombre effect: 

If you want to make a style statement, our ombre modal hijabs will make your headscarf a striking feature with gradual colour transitions from light to dark in various complementary shades. Ideal for introducing a vibrant pop of colour to an otherwise muted outfit, our ombre hijab options are soft, lightweight and the ultimate in fashion-forward modest style.

Our modal hijab sizes

When you’re shopping our modal hijab collection, you can enjoy a choice of 3 sizes - giving you added versatility when it comes to wearing your hijab in different ways.

Our sizes include:

180cm x 70cm
180cm x 80cm
200cm x 100cm

Modal hijab styling options

Whether you prefer to stick to a trusted hijab style or you like to mix things up, you’ll find countless ways to wear our light, soft and versatile modal hijabs.

Some hijab style ideas include:

Draping it: 

Give your outfit a relaxed, effortless elegance by draping a modal crinkle hijab over your shoulders. This style works best with a hijab cap to prevent it from slipping out of place.

Layering it:

If you want to make a statement with your headscarf, layered styles using volumising scrunchies and pins to deliver a textured look are the way to go.

Wrapping it: 

Whether you want a neat finish for the office or complete comfort for working out, a wrapped modal hijab style provides essential modesty with a breathable fabric.

Check out our handy hijab style guide for even more tips on how to wear modal hijabs.

Buying modal hijabs online

At AbayaButh, we strive to bring Muslimahs the best selection of modest fashion essentials at affordable prices, so you can look your best without going over budget. This includes our hand-picked selection of modal hijabs.

Simply pick out your favourite shade and fabric, then breeze through our secure online checkout and we’ll deliver to your door wherever you are in the world. For UK customers, this includes free delivery when you spend over £100, while our US-based Muslimahs can enjoy free shipping on orders over $450.

Shop our full modal hijab range online now to find the perfect option for all seasons and occasions. If you have a question about one of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our modest fashion team.