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Designed specifically for Hajj and Umrah, AbayaButh’s range of Ihrams allows you to step in serenity and prepare for your spiritual journey. 

Our collection is thoughtfully curated to ensure that your pilgrimage is comfortable, respectful, and fulfilling. 

Featuring luxurious two-piece sets made from 100% premium cotton, our Ihrams are lightweight, airy and the ideal choice for the rigours of your spiritual endeavours. 

At AbayaButh, we understand the importance of Ihram in maintaining purity and humility during Hajj and Umrah. That’s why our Ihrams are free from any sewn details and have been crafted to meet all Islamic guidelines for pilgrimage wear. 

Each set includes two unhemmed pieces designed to fit all body types, ensuring a fit that is both comfortable and compliant with religious requirements. 

AbayaButh’s Ihram collection is designed to ensure that you can focus solely on your pilgrimage and you can embark on your spiritual path with dignity and devotion, wrapped in the quality and comfort that you deserve.