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Modest Fashion Must-Have Looks: Floral Prints & Patterns

If you’re looking to bring some patterns into your wardrobe, our selection of floral abayas, kimonos and dresses could be just the thing.

Certified modest fashion must-haves, floral prints, patterns and embellishments can instantly give your wardrobe a fresh, vibrant look whatever the occasion.

Read on to discover all of your modest fashion options featuring floral designs, from abayas and dresses to kimonos - plus tips on how to wear them.

Floral prints

There’s no denying that a selection of plain abayas in varying shades and styles give your wardrobe extra versatility - but there’s always room for the occasional striking print.

At AbayaButh, you’ll find beautiful abayas, dresses and kimonos with floral prints and designs that can give your wardrobe a whole new style dimension:
  • Big and bold: for a statement-making piece, one of our floral dresses with an oversized, bold print in vibrant or monochrome tones is sure to give you that instant glamour feeling. Keep the rest of the outfit simple and understated to ensure the floral dress is the real star of the show - we’re talking a complementary single-coloured hijab, accessories and jewellery
  • Delicate and dainty: for a more playful injection of flower power, choose a modest floral abaya or dress that features a smaller print. Set against a light colour palette, pretty floral abayas can be dressed up or down for all kinds of occasions
  • Muted hues: not everyone feels comfortable in vivid colours, so you’ll find plenty of floral print options in muted hues - with large leafy designs in minty green and cream, for example. Finished with gold or silver jewellery and accessories, you’ll have a floral-inspired outfit that’s elegant from head to toe
  • Mixed fabrics: if full-on florals isn’t your style, you can tone down the look with a mix of fabrics. This could take the form of a sumptuous kimono with floral fabric cuffs or sleeves - or a floral abaya with a chiffon inlay featuring a flower pattern, finished with plain fabrics for trims, belts and cuffs. Like the bold prints, we’d recommend keeping finishing touches simple and in one unifying colour - like gold, which pairs effortlessly with most shades

Floral embroidery

Floral printed fabrics aren’t your only option at AbayaButh. We have a huge selection of modest floral maxi dresses, abayas and kimonos that feature beautiful hand-stitched embroidered detailing.

Set against a plain background in various colour options, these floral applique designs instantly give outfits a luxurious finish.

You can take your pick from an array of floral motif designs in a rainbow of colours, but here are some of our favourite options:
  • Metallics: give your wardrobe a touch of glamour with a floral open abaya featuring metallic coloured embroidery motifs in gold, silver, bronze and more. From subtle shoulder and cuff appliques to full gown embroidery, you’ll find various options available
  • Jewel shades: from rich reds to dark blues and emerald greens, we stock designs galore featuring delicate, ornate floral motifs on open and closed abayas which are the perfect option for an evening outfit
  • Earthy hues: featuring floral designs in earthy, natural hues like burnt orange, brown, yellow and green, these floral abayas and dresses are the ideal foundational piece for a smart-casual autumnal ensemble, finished with a plain abaya in a complementary shade
  • Pale palettes: typically sewn into dark-coloured fabrics like black, brown and burgundy, many of our floral abayas come with gorgeous hand-stitched detailing in pale, neutral hues that give them an effortless elegance

Shiny florals

Finally, let’s explore the shiny floral designs you’ll find in our modest clothing collection.

From glittering gemstones to shiny beading, you’ll find beautiful modest floral abayas and dresses with embellishments inspired by nature:
  • Sequins: beautifully catching the light at every angle, sequin floral embellishments are guaranteed to give your outfit a touch of glamour. For a cohesive look, choose accessories and shoes that match the colour of the sequin flowers to intensify the glittering effect
  • Gemstones: carefully stitched on by hand, our floral abaya dresses with stone detailing are the ultimate luxury option for a special occasion. From diamante roses to pale gold leaves, shimmering gemstones will instantly bring glamour to your modest wardrobe
  • Beading: many of our designs use metallic beading to enhance the beauty and outline of floral designs. From intricate vine detailing down a sleeve to outlining pretty flowers on a hem, there are options galore for glittery beading embellishments
If you’re looking to give your modest wardrobe a simple yet striking update, introducing some florals could be just the thing.

Whether you prefer floral printed fabrics, embroidery or shiny embellishments, our selection of modest floral abayas, maxi dresses and kimonos has you covered. Explore our full range online now.

For even more insights on our range, plus styling tips and modest fashion trends, keep reading our modest fashion blog.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx
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