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white abaya with lace embellishments

How to Wear White Abayas: 4 Must-Know Modest Fashion Hacks

Associated with purity and modesty, white abayas are a wardrobe staple for Muslimahs looking to curate an elegant, timeless look that will work for all kinds of occasions.

However, white can also be a tricky colour to style - but that’s where we can help.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek, sophisticated outfit for a special event or a simple and chic summer ensemble, we’ll be sharing nifty styling tips on how to wear white abayas all year round.

1. Champion all-white outfits

No-one would dare to question an all-black outfit, so why not flip the colour wheel and go all in with a full white look? Equally as eye-catching and impactful, an all-white outfit with a white abaya could be just the showstopping ensemble you’ve been looking for.

Draping yourself head to toe in white is a bold but classy statement that has the instant ability to elevate your look to sleek and stylish in no time.

To pull off this look, here are a few styling tips to help you on your way:

  • Keep the overall outfit theme simple, allowing the pure white hues to be the star of the show
  • Layer up white garments for extra modesty and comfort, as some fabrics and designs may be slightly see-through
  • Complete the look with silver or gold accessories like a belt, brooch or chunky necklace for a high-end finish
  • Give your white abaya a layered look, incorporating different shades of white with accessories like a hijab, shoes and a belt which will add texture and subtle nuances of colour

2. Build a solid foundation

When it comes to putting together modest outfits, it can help to think of them like a beauty routine requiring different stages and products to create the finished look.

With this in mind, consider your white abaya as the counterpart to your primer or foundation layer. Effortlessly versatile and coordinating well with colours galore, white abayas and inner slip dresses offer the perfect staple piece around which you can build the rest of your outfit.

  • Keep your white abaya base layer relatively simple by design. Fewer embellishments will allow you to easily introduce different colours, fabrics and design elements to create your own unique style
  • Add in different layers. With a white inner slip dress or white abaya, you can add layers on top, such as a kimono or cape, to give your outfit a new dimension
  • Pair white abayas with bold patterns. A minimalist base colour like white is the perfect background for pretty patterns, allowing them to come to the fore and stand out
  • Make an impact with colour contrasts. A white inner slip dress under a darker open abaya delivers a striking visual contrast that won’t steal the show and can actually help to highlight other key features like accessories

3. Master accessorising

Speaking of accessories, if you’re looking to exude effortless style when you wear white, you’ll need to master the art of accessorising.

While white is often considered a bland colour, the plain base of a white abaya can actually provide the ideal backdrop for accessories. With the right accents and accessories, white can serve as a cool and sophisticated backdrop for any adornments.

Because of its plain base, a white abaya gives you the opportunity to accessorise however boldly or simplistically you like.

Here are a few accessory tricks that can help you master a well-polished look:

  • Put comfort first. The best modest outfits are the ones that deliver day-long comfort and style, so, when you’re considering your accessories, keep comfort in mind. This could mean championing the sporty-chic look with white trainers and a white open abaya combo
  • Play with colours. White abayas will go with most colours, so you can afford to be playful with your colour combinations. From bright red heels to a timeless tan leather handbag, don’t be afraid to use colour
  • Highlight one design element. Whether it’s some attention-grabbing blue sandals in the summer or some statement jewellery, try to make sure the rest of your outfit is relatively simple to ensure your chosen feature is the key focal point

4. Seamless transitions from day to night

white abaya with patterned kimono

If you’re looking for the perfect way to transition your wardrobe from day to night when you’re short on time, we suggest wearing a white abaya.

White is an incredibly practical transition colour, meaning a trusty white abaya or kimono can seamlessly bridge the gap between day and nighttime attire - and here’s how:

  • The cooling properties of white mean white abayas are an ideal choice for warm summer days, while the long, floaty design can double up as a warming layer as the evening air cools down
  • With a few simple accessory changes, you can instantly take your white abaya outfit from daytime chic to evening glamour. Swap trusty plimsolls for elegant heels and walk into the night without an entire outfit change

Whether you want a cool and stylish summer ensemble or simply more base layers for year-round outfits, having a few different styles of closed and open white abayas in your wardrobe is a must.

With the modest fashion tips above, you’ll be an expert in styling white abayas in no time. To find your perfect style, check out our full range of multicoloured and white abayas online now - and keep reading our modest fashion blog for even more insights, tips and collection updates.

Until next time,

AbayaButh xx

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